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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am Impressed!

Just a short post to say that we are very pleased so far with Camping World of Lakewood, NJ. We arrived there Monday afternoon after an uneventful trip through New York (thank goodness!), and found them very well organized, ready for us with all the paperwork we had faxed down on Saturday. The technician came out to the trailer, listened carefully to our gas problems, and told us that they would start work on it ASAP. They would also repair the 2 water leaks. He tagged it, chatted for a few minutes, and said they would call as soon as they had a diagnosis. I felt good about it, unlike other experiences dropping off our previous trailer at other places.

I couldn't believe it, but this afternoon, we received the call. The gas leak was fixed! As were the 2 water leaks. He explained that they ran a pressurized test of the gas lines, and no leaks were found. So they turned on the furnace to let it run for awhile, as we stated the propane detector didn't start going off until about a half hour of running. While waiting for that, they fixed the leaks ( insufficient caulking on the shower, and a blown gasket in the main line) and sure enough the detector started going off. The called keystone to get authorization to pull out the furnace for inspection, and after receiving that, found that after heating up, some of the parts ( I don't know which ones, sorry) were coming loose, and releasing some gas, So they tightened everything up, reinstalled the furnace, and everything is peachy keen now. They did say that the propane detector was gummed up from going off so much, so keystone is sending a replacement for it to be installed.

So, all in all, I think, at this point, it's a successful warranty repair. And it didn't take 4 months like the one on my last trailer did :-).

Since I like to have at least one picture, I'll leave you today with a picture of our favorite camping site in the Catskills, at Mongaup Pond State Park with our previous trailer. It's a wonderful park!


  1. Karen,

    Love your blog it is very informative and interesting. I check it out often. Keep up the good work and glad to hear the trailer is fixed. Bill/Denise

  2. Glad to hear you got the propane leak fixed. That is scarey!

    Travel Safe