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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy Weekend and Harry!

We had a very busy weekend here. I think I'm working harder at home on the weekend right now than I am at work :-). Sunday was closet cleaning, sorting and paper shredding. The fun part was finding a box of old photos from very long ago! I'll have to get them scanned into the computer and saved on photo CDs. Al went to install the JT Stronarms Stabilizer system that we purchased to help make the fiver more stable, but as he sorted out the contents, there were several pieces missing :-(. He took care of that on Monday, and the missing pieces are being shipped, but unfortunately, that meant the day's project went on hold! So he spent the afternoon in the garage, sorting and moving stuff around.
It was a beautiful day out though, sunny and in the high 50's so we did take a break in the afternoon and take the pups up to Cedar Point county park for a hike in the woods. This is one of our favorite spots for walking, and we have also camped here in our pop-up at least one weekend a summer. The last 2 years we have spent Memorial Day weekend here with my sister and her family, and have enjoyed it very much. This weekend, it was all quiet as the campground is closed for the winter, but there was alot of activity on the trails....by the deer and the wild turkeys! Casey had a field day chasing after them, until he was so exhausted he just flops down on the ground. He's so funny! Of course, I didn't think to bring a camera...that's something I will need to get in the habit of doing, keeping the camera charged and ready to go.

Monday was our usual errand, chores and appointment day, and just seemed to disappear on me. I did make a big pot of onion soup for dinner on Tuesday, and found a light and healthy recipe for chicken piccatta that turned out great! The whole house is watching their weight, with the ladies going to Weight Watchers and doing great. Dr. Patel is pleased with Al's progress, he has lost weight, and now that the tendonitis is under control we are walking more again. He's removing another medication, so, fingers crossed, the heart issues are really a thing of the past!

The big treat for the weekend, though, was Monday night....we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1! It I can't wait till the final installment, even though I have read the books :-). I sure hope there's a movie theatre showing it close by to our workamping gig in July!

Thanks to everyone who has commented, and supported us in our change of life...it means so much to us. Hugs to all until next time!

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