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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Store Tour

Another work week ended for us! We don't do a whole lot adventure-wise on working days, except if we have a nice day we will take a ride up to Hull's Cove Visitor Center and take the dogs for a walk on the Carriage Roads after dinner. I'll save the history of the Carriage Roads for another entry, as I thought maybe it would be interesting to take everyone on a picture tour of where I'm working this summer :-).

The entrance sign for our campground. It's a pretty big driveway entrance, with three lanes of RV parking for registration.

Our office and store. The night registration box is on the side of the building. It's a pretty good system, actually, we leave out packets of maps with sites that are empty for the coming week, in each different price category. This way someone coming in without a reservation can select a site, and stay for up to a week without having to change sites.

Off to the side is our pool area, which is currently being filled and then heated for peak season( which starts June 15).

Our registration desk and store check-out. We have two computer terminals for registration out front, and a third in the back office. Surprisingly, we only have one phone line, and I really wish the phones were headset friendly as I find it very difficult to type information into the computer while hanging onto the phone. 

The coffee station with a large variety of keurig cup flavors, including hot chocolate and teas.

We have cute display racks made out of milk crates. This one displays our collection of stuffies for impulse buying :-).

A gift rack displaying RV related picture frames, wine bottle holders, and of course the red-neck wine glasses!

We have a large assortment of clothing here, at very reasonable prices. The milk crate displays hold tee shirts and sweatshirts...

jackets and sweatshirts on the wall racks...

fleece tops and sweatshirt/tee shirt "combos" on shelves.

There's really cute "boat displays" where we have hat/tee shirt combos.

Plenty of toys for the kiddo's

Grocery staples, drinks, ice cream (blue bunny, yum)

We put a display of campfire making goodies and the fixings for s'mores right by the cash register for those impulse buyers!

We have a pretty large selection of camping and rv supplies

Lastly, my view for the summer from my office :-)!

Yesterday on our day off, we took a ride north and visited Campobello International Park, the site of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's summer retreat. I took a lot of pictures, so bear with me as I organize them and my notes and I'll have a post on that soon :-)


  1. That looks like a nice campstore -- very extensive inventory! Looking forward to your post on Campobello . . . we didn't get there.

  2. well. . .that's not a bad view a'tall. . .

  3. Looks like a very nice work "office". Hope to get to Campobello this summer. Thanks in advance for the preview.

  4. Wow - looks like your store is well stocked. See you in a few weeks!

  5. Looking forward to seeing it and you in a few weeks. I need a new long sleeve T-shirt.

  6. Looks like a great place! Wish we were seeing you in a few weeks. :)

  7. Nice store. Wish we were headed that way but home buying in Florida will occupy us this summer.

  8. Thanks for the tour of your place! Looks like a great RV park. Won't make it this summer,but maybe next? :)

  9. Have fun and enjoy your summer. That looks like a great store...nice stuff! See you again some time down the road!