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Homer, Alaska

Friday, June 14, 2013

Campobello Natural Area

After getting our fill of history at the Visitor's Center in The Roosevelt Campobello International Park, it was time for some lunch and then we would set out to explore the 2800 acre natural area of the park. There are only two eateries on the island, and not wanting to cross the border back into Lubec, we drove the short distance to Wilson's Beach and found the Family Fisheries Restaurant and Takeout.

We checked out the menu at the takeout window, and before I made my decision on which sandwich to have, I asked the pleasant young lady at the window what the "Toll House Delight" is. A warm toll house cookie topped with a sundae...well all righty then, I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich, no fries or chips, and the Delight please!
Looks good doesn't it :-)!

Ok, so it was then time to work some of those toll house calories off! Campobello Island has a significant portion of land parcelled into two parks, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park and Herring Cove Provincial Park. Directly across from the Visitor Center is Glensevern Road, which is the dividing point between the two parks. The park roads are former carriage roads that are now narrow gravel roads, leading you to the points of interest throughout the park. We had several geocaching locations to check out, so off we went. We've found quite often that geocaching has led us to some beautiful locations, and today did not disappoint :-).

Our first spot was the boardwalk at Eagle Hill Bog. This is an interpretive nature walk, where you picked up a brochure at the trailhead and signposts marked special points of interest. It leads to a ridge that has a beautiful overlook...and a cache!

It's too early for many of the flowering plants on the tour, but we did see these pitcher plants, a carnivorous plant. The water collects in the "pitcher", luring insects down to drink. They are then trapped by the leaves folding down, like a venus flytrap. Cool!

Once across the bog, there's a forest trail up to the ridge.

Tree-top view

These are larch pines...they lose their needles in the winter. I couldn't believe how soft theses needles are.

The next stop was Raccoon Beach...to the left....

and to the right.

Liberty Point is on the south end of the island, and has three observation platforms looking in different directions.

This is Sugar Loaf Rock....can anyone see anything in this rock?? Kudos to the first one who guesses one of the two images said to be seen in it.

An iconic picture of Maine....love the birds flocking behind the lobster boat!

Cranberry Point

Last cache of the day at Upper Duck Pond

Gentle swells swirling onto the shores of Upper Duck Pond.

There are 7.7 miles of these old carriage roads, leading to over 8 miles of walking trails. It was such a calm, peaceful place, I can definitely see how it appealed to FDR and his family as a retreat away from the bustling urban centers. It was a very nice day, with a good history lesson, peaceful walks, and five caches found! It was worth the 2 hour drive each way for sure. 


  1. Looks like a big lizard to me, or a breaching whale. :)

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    I think it's a whale.

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