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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ship Harbor and Bernard

Last week we had a nice day for our day off, but for reasons you all know, we needed to stay within cell service. After doing some chores around the campsite, we took the dogs for a ride down to Southwest Harbor, picked up a cheese pizza at Little Notch bakery, and had a picnic lunch at the Seawall Picnic area. It was very busy there, and all the tables on the water were already occupied, but that was ok, we still had a beautiful view and could hear the waves crashing on the shoreline. Between that and the buoys clanging in the distance, there's no other sound quite like it.

We then took a walk on one of our favorite trails, Ship Harbor, and I got some pictures of the scenery in the sun!
One thing I've noticed is that the wildflowers bloom quite prolifically up here

A side path down to the water's edge

The first half of the loop trail follows the harbor edge

Very tall pine trees

At the mouth of the harbor

Maine's rocky shore...we sat here for awhile to let Chelsea rest, and had a nice conversation with a couple from South Carolina who were here on vacation. The dogs naturally pull people in!
The trail loops through the forest pack to the parking area. 

We then continued driving around the "Quiet Side" of the island, and decided to follow the signs to the town of Bernard and check it out. It's on the other side of Bass Harbor, and very cute. Not much of a business district, just a couple of artist shops, a restaurant I'd like to go back and try (Thurston for Lobster, isn't that cute?) and some very picturesque photo opportunities. These photos made me think of "the real Maine":

Lobster boats in the harbor...it was about docking time, and we sat awhile watching them unload the boxes off of a lobster boat.

Fisherman's Memorial set up at the docks.

It's pretty cool how such a simple adornment of hanging buoys can transform this shack into such a beautiful picture.

Lobster pots stacked on the dock, with their transportation in the background. Bass Harbor residences line the opposite shore.

I hope you enjoyed some sunny pictures from me today. And again our family thanks everyone of you for your kind words and thoughts of the past week. Al is flying back today, and Casey is anxiously awaiting his return...as am I!


  1. We will come see you in September! We will be visiting the Eastern States for the first time and Maine is certainly on the route. Do you recommend your campground?

  2. I loved your picture at the mouth of the harbor, looks like a big moose could come walking out any minute. MMMmmmmm Lobster, make sure you take good pictures of that meal :)

  3. Perfect pictures of Maine's delights. Hope to get up there sometime next year!

  4. That looked like a perfect Maine Day:o)) You capture Maine beautifully in your pictures!!

  5. Beautiful pictures of Ship Harbor and Bernard. We were at Wonderland and Ship Harbor just a day or so ago. They were both "wonder"ful. Bernard just got added to my list. Your pictures would make a great calendar for Maine. Hope Al's journey home is a safe one. Give him our best.

  6. Your pictures are what I imagine the real Maine to be :) Thanks for sharing.
    Welcome home Al! Once again we send our sincere condolences.
    May 2014 be kinder to us all.

  7. Your great pictures have brought back some great memories of our trip to Maine-thanks:)

  8. What a lovely little town. We look forward to exploring Maine one of these years.

  9. Great pics! We miss the area already!