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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July Antics

Well, all I can say is WOW!!

I knew we were coming to a big resort area, so I really shouldn't whine :-). But boy, was the Fourth of July completely crazy. What is it about that holiday that seems to bring out the worst in people?

I have no pictures to show you for this posting, I apologize. Between the weather and work, there was simply no time for anything besides collapsing :-).

The weather up here, like the rest of the country, has been completely bizarre. The Tuesday before the Fourth, it was raining and cold enough that we had our heater going. Wednesday, the sun came out, the temperature flew up to the high eighties with rampant humidity, and the air conditioner didn't go off for days!

Our pool issues are finally resolved. The new liner came in, and was installed. The pool was filled, and treated, and opened today! That bear is finally off our back!

Some snippets of conversations we had over our busiest days, Wednesday and Thursday (we had over 110 check-ins those two days):

"I'd like to book a tent site please."
    "OK, would you like a primitive site, or one with electric and water?"
"I'd like one that comes with a refrigerator"
      Say what??

"I don't like the site I'm in. It smells bad during low tide. Do you have a waterfront site that's not as close to the water?"
"I don't like my site it's too close to the playground" or
"I don't like my site, it's too far from the playground"

"I'm in site so-and-so, and a camper van just pulled in in front of my site and it's blocking my view, can you please make them move?"

We had a report of a possible theft of a kayak, that turned out to be his brother-in-law left it too close to the shore and the tide carried it out. Thankfully, the next morning, someone out in the bay saw it floating and towed it into the campground.

Tow different people turned in two rings that appeared to be a wedding band/engagement ring set that was found in the bath house...Monday morning a completely frantic woman was extremely happy :-).

Al had quite an interesting weekend finding things...a total of three panties and a thong laying in various roads around the bath house :-).

Speaking of bath house, I had a phone call first thing Sunday morning: "I'm really sorry to have to call you, but there's really no delicate way to put this: some a***ole took a d**p on the men's room floor"....ok, thanks for calling, I'll have maintenance come right away. Really??!!

Maybe it's because I now work in a campground office, but does it really make sense to call the office on a holiday to make a reservation for two months from now? Don't you think they're a bit busy?

Well, I guess that's enough whining for now :-). We had 99 check-outs on Sunday, and we've been busy getting the park put back into shape. We did manage to go on two shorter hikes the past two days, in between the raindrops, and had a GREAT night visiting some of the Carolina Clan at a campfire on Monday night. If I can wheedle Nancy into sending me a couple pictures she took, as I forgot my camera, I'll get them posted soon. I'm hoping the sun comes out again soon, (but we don't need temps in the 90's and the humidity) and we can start taking some nice pictures again!


  1. OMG....Karen. This has to be the best blog yet!!!!! I was hysterical reading the entire thing and.....I have to say that even though we really missed seeing you and Albert, I am ever soooo happy that we decided not to go the extra 6 hour north. Your blog actually brought back some not-so-fond memories of a summer weekend in the Hamptons. If I had to guess, I would say that you guys won't be working in Bar Harbor again next summer. Keep those blogs coming. BTW...incase you're interested,since arriving back home, we haven't seen a drop of rain.

  2. Hahahaha - I am rolling on the floor laughing! That is too funny! We had a great time visiting and look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  3. OH I know this isn't funny for you but your telling of it is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. You may be talking me out of work camping. What is it with people? You just can't cure stupid. A wanter front site not THAT close to the water? A stolen kayak. so so funny. THanks!! I think I'm glad we were not here on the 4th.

  4. Good to to see you and Al. Only got one picture and it's in the mail;o))

  5. I feel your pain!! Some of the comments on reservations we get: "would like to be close to the bathroom, but not too close." "would like a nice, quiet secluded spot." Yeah right...in July in Yellowstone. A res with 2 sites had these comments: "Site 1 requests to be in E loop. Site 2 requests to be in F loop. Requests to be near each other." what??? Gotta love campgrounds in the summertime!

  6. It's hard to make everyone happy, but poop on the floor? That takes the cake.

  7. Oh, I needed that laugh...thanks! So sorry to be missing all this fun but I know I can count on my friends for the "scoop" :)

  8. One of the reasons we like workamping involving maintenance and not reservations :) Sounds like a joyful time!

  9. I think I would not do well being a camp host. I can't abide "stupid." The refrigerator comments reminds of a snow storm we endured several years ago. The power went out for a few days. Hub and I had a battery operated radio and we were listening to a local call-in radio show. A woman actually called in and asked why, since her house lights weren't working, was the car that just drove by her house able to have its lights on. Sheesh.

  10. oh goodness. . .not fun. . .sure hope you are reading Sherry and David's Blog:


    they are in Acadia right now, and seem to be having a blast. . .see you guys in about two weeks. . .get some rest!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog