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Homer, Alaska

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Getting Acclimated and Learning

Time flies when you're learning a new computer program!

Well, not really, but we're working on it...or I am anyway. We've been put to work right away, as the campground opened this past Wednesday and there was a lot to get done. Al has been busy outside on the grounds with the other two men, Cliff and Mark. This is a very large campground, with lots of grass to be mowed, weed-wacked, leaves to be raked, and generally getting the sites ready for occupancy. The bath houses also needed a really good cleaning after being closed up for the winter. In the office, not only do I need to learn a new reservation system, but all the past season's inventory needed to be counted and verified, and then the store re-stocked. And they carry a lot of merchandise here! I'm quite impressed with the amount of camping supplies they carry here, and there is a lot of really nice fleeces and jackets :-). I'm very grateful that one of last season's workampers, Flo Anne, has returned and has been very informative as to the workings of the reservation system and the general running of the office. We use DigiRez software here, and I don't find it as user-friendly as Campground Manager, the system we used last year.

We did go into the town of Bar Harbor on our day off, and we really liked it. It's very picturesque, and I will go back on a warmer, sunnier day and take some pictures. There's a lot of your typical tourist shops, with  nautical items and souvenirs, the obligatory tee shirt shops, and many many places to eat! That may be our downfall this summer :-). We've already sampled the frozen custard (black raspberry) at Adelmann's Deli (very good!), lobster rolls at Downtown Deli ( Al says very good), pizza at Pat's Pizza in Trenton (finally, great pizza!) and dinner one night at The Ale House in Trenton (enjoyed this too!).

We did go to the Hull's Cove Visitor Center for Acadia N.P. to find out about a season pass to the park, but due to "sequestration" the Center doesn't open until tomorrow. So that will wait until next week on our days off, if it's nice...we do have a pretty rainy forecast starting Monday for several days. Can't change the weather!

The sun did come out after work yesterday, so I got out and took a few pictures of the campground.
Our campsite for the summer. 

Workamper row: we're in the middle, Cliff and Flo Anne are in the motorhome, and Debi and Mark are in the trailer to the left of us. Two more couple are arriving for peak season, June July and August. The six of us are here from May until Columbus Day when the campground closes for the season.

The view from our screen room. We have also seen hummingbirds already, and plenty of  goldfinches and chipping sparrows have visited my feeders :-)!

This is the waterfront row of sites. Water and electric only here, but beautiful views!

The road leading from the waterfront sites up to the front of the campground. We have several rows of sites off each side, kind of tiered like theater seating so most sites have a view of the water. These sites are all full hook-ups. For Al's cousin Billy....your site is the one that the white pick-up towing the fifth wheel is in on the right side.

Water front tent sites...awesome spot!

The tides are very extreme here. Thomas Bay can be right up to the forest line at high tide, and then mud flats way out at low tide.

I've been told we have beautiful sunsets here...sure looks like it :-)!

Well, that's it for now. I'm quite looking forward to some warmer weather (remind of that when it gets hot!) and Acadia N.P. fully opening for exploration. It doesn't look like we'll have far to go for hiking, kayaking, geocaching, and bird-watching! :-). 


  1. What a great place to spend the summer! We spend a week at a campground just a short distance from the entrance to Acadia NP.

  2. Oh boy, I am getting excited! :)
    Love that last picture!

  3. What a pretty place! Are the bathrooms as nice as Chalk Creek? Steve and I cleaned them today. We really like it here and look forward to exploring this summer.

  4. I wish we could be there this summer! Oregon will have to do. Good luck with your new job there, and have fun!

  5. WOW...we're getting excited too!!! We really appreciate all your scouting information;o)) Can't wait for the report on Acadia!!

  6. Acadia NP is beautiful. We will be visiting there again this year.

  7. 4th to say that we are getting excited too! :-)
    Great pics

  8. A gorgeous header picture. Projected temps in the 90's ALREADY in Georgia where we are headed. Be careful what you wish for. :-)) Hope Acadia is as nice as your spot.

  9. Wow, Karen, this campground looks really nice. Thanks for showing us where we will be camped for 2 weeks in July. We're really looking forward to Bar Harbor once again. It sure will be nice touring the area on the trike. Somehow, things always look so different on the back of a motorcycle. Can't wait.

  10. Looks like you have a great summer in store for you.

  11. I am looking forward to a summer of great photos from you guys!

  12. Acadia NP, Bar Harbor, and lobsters! Hard to beat that combination.

  13. Looks great! I'm sure you'll have a great summer!

  14. Don't forget to at least taste the lobster ice cream ... and of course, to-die-for blueberry pies are a must (at least according to hubby).

  15. did an excursion off of a cruise ship there once upon a time. . .always knew we wanted to return. . .so we are headed that way with the motor home as soon as we can get our grandson graduated. . .keep the updates coming. . .so I can keep planning. . . :)