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Homer, Alaska

Monday, October 17, 2011

Morning at the Beach and More Visiting

It has been beautiful here, and we are loving being at the beach. Especially the dogs! Vicky, it is great here, the beach has very few people around so it is easy to go off to the side, and let the dogs off leash to play fetch. I would recommend, though, coming in the spring off-season rather than now. The sand burrs in the fall are terrible, and Chelsea won't even go outside except to go to the beach. They are so sharp, and get stuck in their pads.

All pictures today are taken by my girlfriend Patti, who played with my camera down at the beach!
Acorns on live oak trees...they are called live oak because they don't go dormant in the winter, they keep their leaves all winter.

We asked a ranger what these fruit were, he told us persimmon

The boardwalk over the dunes to the beach. We are asked to only access the beach via the boardwalks, to better protect the dunes from erosion and damage

For allergy sufferers, an unwelcome sight..goldenrod! makes pretty pictures though

Early morning bird tracks in the sand

Does life get any better than this? They are having such a great time!

A pole for every bird!

Pelicans in flight

Sanderlings in flight...they are all over the beach

Beach scenes

Need a pair of sunglasses?

Across the dunes

The afternoon was spent visiting family and viewing their homes here in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We then gathered for dinner back at the condo, with us cooking chicken at the campsite and salads brought in from the store. I will say the mosquitoes here are absolutely the pits, which is why we don't eat together at the campground for dinner. As soon as dusk falls, they are out in droves. And it would be a bit tight to have a group of 8 trying to eat inside the trailer!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and we'll see what we can into tomorrow!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a great time at the beach!

  2. Good pictures and the dogs look like they are having fun..

  3. These pictures are just wonderful. Makes me long for the seashore. Enjoy! Enjoy!!


  4. What beautiful pictures and the dogs look like they are having a blast. That spot is going on my bucket list for sure. Troy and Shayla would love it there.