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Homer, Alaska

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Green River Lake State Park
Campbellsville, Kentucky

Yesterday was spent in exploring the immediate area, finding the shopping areas, and taking a walk on one of the park's 28 miles of trails. We haven't met any other Amazon workers yet, but the campground is full to the brim with Halloween weekend campers. Once they clear out today, we will hopefully see who is left that will be working with us!

The day started out brisk, in the 30's, but brilliantly sunny.

Our temporary site...we move to our permanent site next week. I think they close off half of the campground at the end of the month.
View from the front. You can see the lake in the background. The site is terribly unlevel, we used every block we had to get it to sit straight.

View down one row towards the lake

For a state park, the sites here are pretty close together.

There are full facilities here for kids, from the mini golf course to basketball courts, playgrounds, swimming, a recreation room.

Views of the lake at our end of the campground

We walked the windy ridge trail that runs right out of the campground, and found this tree full of turkey buzzards. Ugly birds.

The dogs had to go for a swim. This is good water, they can drink while swimming :-)

There was a site decorating contest going today, some people really go all out. This was a tent in the primitive section.

A small corner decorated

Chelsea was intrigued by this spider....one of it's legs would move

Now this site was done to the max. 

Same site..see the trailer at the back? It too is decorated up like a dungeon. They must have this all set up and packed in here to bring out each year.

Close-up of the display. I can't imagine how long it must take to set all this up.

At 6PM trick-or-treating began. I had bought some candy, and we sat at the end of our site and handed it out. I ran out in about 20 minutes! I gave out more candy last night than I did in the 30 years I lived in Sag Harbor! Too funny. So we brought in our chairs, and started dinner. For dinner, we tried a new way of cooking cornish hens. I saw Alton Brown do it on Good Morning America a few weeks ago, and was intrigued. You cut out the backbone and keel bone, flattening the hens. Season with salt and pepper. Take out your pannini grill (we have the cuisinart griddler, love it!), have it heated up on high, spray the bottom grill with PAM, put the hen on skin side up, spray the hen with PAM, close the grill, place a 10 pound weight on top ( we used the pumpkin lol) and cook for 10 minutes. Perfect! The meat was juicy and the skin real crispy. It was so easy and tasted so good!

After dark, we took a walk to see the decorated sites while lit up.

It was an interesting experience for our first time in a campground during Halloween. For one weekend, it wasn't too bad :-). I definitely would not want that much noise all the time!

Tomorrow we start at Amazon, with the introductory stuff. Should be interesting! Until next time, have a great day!


  1. It is a pretty place, but a bit tight. We are also in a tight campground in Salvisa, KY. They had Holoween this weekend with lots of decorations. Always fun to watch the little kids!

  2. We are right next door from you at the Green River Stables. We are on our 5th week now at Amazon. We met at the RV-Dreams rally last April. It will not take you long to get acclimated to the area.

  3. Most of the state parks in lower MI have Halloween weekends, and we discovered it when the boys were young. What a blast -- they loved it! Not having anywhere to take them out at home, it was perfect for us! We didn't go this year . . . they are getting too old . . . I missed it!

    Tom & Marci