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Homer, Alaska

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Few Days

We have settled into our campground here at Green River Lake State Park, and we really enjoy this one, especially compared to the Heartland RV Park across from Amazon itself. It's only perk there is that you are able to walk to work. Otherwise it's a gravel parking lot with RV's set together as close as possible. Even though this gig is all about the job, I would have really hated it there, and I also feel the dogs would not have liked it either. Here in the state park we have a little bit of room, green grass at our site, a beautiful view of the lake, and plenty of space for the dogs to play. There are not too many of Amazon's "CamperForce" (our new name) here, I think many people didn't like the fact that there is no sewer hook-ups here. They do pay for a weekly honey wagon service though. So far we are quite satisfied at our choice of a campground for this gig.

Monday we attended Amazon's "social", which was a gathering of this week's starting workers at the Heartland RV Park. We were given preliminary information, and our department assignments and work schedule. Unfortunately, I was given the night shift along with Al, even though we had asked for separate shifts to better accommodate our dogs. See, we work 4 ten hour shifts a week here, which will actually be closer to 11 hours by the time you account for the lunch break and traveling to and fro ( its about a 15 minute drive from here).  We are very uneasy about leaving them alone for that long period of time! I have inquired about being put on day shifts instead,  but I don't have high hopes of that happening. Fortunately, we have met a few of the other campers now at this park, and there is a son of a pair of workers who is doing dog walking, so we will have to talk with him. There is also another woman with a golden retriever, who works days, so we may be able to swap off doggie care with her as well. I'm sure we'll figure out a way to manage.

Tuesday was our safety/orientation day, where all the new workers attended the same day and hours. Amazon is extremely safety conscious, and we were walked all over the warehouse and taught how to safely use the equipment that we will be handling. It was a bit overwhelming, the warehouse is so large! I'm really hoping I won't get lost!

Today, Al is working all day training in the clinic processes. I do think he may have the more interesting job out of the two of us! Then I go in tonight from 5-10PM, training for my job as a "receiver". For my first two weeks, I only work 5 hour shifts, as a "hardening" process. They were finding that if they started people out on full 10 hour shifts that people weren't used to the standing/walking and were more prone to injuries. It makes sense. Al's first two weeks of training are full time, but during the day. He starts his regular nightly shifts November 9. I start my regular shift on November 6.

So, that is what we are up to so far. We have found the grocery, WalMart, post office, propane and most important, pizza :-). We met up with our friends from Michigan Sunday afternoon, who are staying at Green River Stables Campground, just outside the park. They have been here for two weeks now, so are starting their full shifts this week. Their campground has a pot luck each Saturday night, and we've been invited over there this weekend. It should be fun.

So, that's it for now. I should have a few first impressions of our jobs to tell you about in a few days. Until then, have a good one!


  1. We will have the same problem with our dogs also if we both work the same shift. Thanks for the info. we will be waiting for your up dates.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about your Amazon experience. I'm sure you will be able to work something out with the dogs. RVers usually help each other out. Good luck!

  3. What a beautiful site! We have sadly winterized our camper and are counting the days till we pull out in April!! Had a great visit with you guys on Columbus Day..Miss you and will hopefully see you over the winter

  4. You are definitely going to be busy. A nautical expression might apply here with some adjustment. Remember one hand for the job and one hand for yourself:)

  5. Hope Amazon works out well for you and the weather in there doesn't get TOO cold. I'll be following along to find out.

    Agree with you about your site choice being much nicer and I'm glad the state parks apparently don't have any stay limits.
    Do Amazon workers get free sites or an "allowance" or do you just have to pay for it out of your paycheck?