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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Lovely?

A random thought on this post-election day....wouldn't it be lovely if everyone would just settle down, get together, and work on practical common sense solutions to the issues we are all facing?

One thing I thought of over this summer is how, as travelers, we are being exposed to so many different ways of life right here in this country. We spend time in small towns in different areas. We see how folks are doing. Some areas have been downright sad to see. I read an article about a New York investment banker who was transferred to California, and decided to make a cross-country trip out of the move, going slowly and "seeing" America. The trip was an eye-opener for him, he had no idea how life was for the less well-off among us. I thought it would be a great idea for every politician to get out of their ivory towers and see how the rest of us are dealing with every day life out here.

This spirit of divisiveness in our country at this time saddens me a great deal. I am a non-confrontational type of person. I don't really find most issues to be black and white clear, but rather to have several shades of gray...and no, I haven't read the book, but judging by the numbers of them that I am packing many people are :-)! Being a small business owner for the major portion of my life so far, I usually see issues from both a management and consumer side of things. I believe I was raised to be a tolerant person. I don't understand how each side of the political spectrum can be so unforgiving to the other side. Compromise seems to be a thing of the past. Why? Why can't anything get done?

Enough said about that.

We are settled in to our schedules, working full time now. I have adjusted to the night shift fairly rapidly. My  feet are achy at the end of the shift, but there's no surprise in that, we're standing and walking on a cement floor. The weather has been unseasonably chilly, but it is suppose to warm up again on Friday. We use two electric heaters to cut down on propane usage, a Dr. Heater infrared heater in the living area and a small ceramic heater in the hallway keeps the bedroom area warm. There was frost on the windshield Monday morning as I left the warehouse, we had to defrost the windshield! Oh no! Not flip-flop weather at all.

Saturday night, even in the chilly temperatures, we gathered around a campfire for s'mores with our friends from last year, Shawn and Joy. They were here at Green River Lake last year as well..we all love it here, its so quiet and peaceful. A beautiful view greets us when we are not working. We had some bald eagles flying over the lake one afternoon, but too far away for pictures. Every morning as we drive in we see a ton of deer, usually a few polecats, the other night we saw a raccoon. On the way in to work Monday night Laura and I had a beautiful hawk sail on by in front of the truck, and snag some kind of rodent off the side of the road. It was beautiful to watch him for a few minutes.

Saturday night will be our last night off at the same time, so we're going to go out to eat at Colton's Steakhouse here in Campbellsville for Al's birthday. Other than that we have no plans until Christmas, when we'll join the tail-light parade out of Campbellsville to our winter nesting grounds :-). Speaking of which, I read something I just couldn't believe the other day. We are lucky enough to be spending two weeks this winter with family and friends camping at Fort Wildnerness in Walt Disney World...how cool will that be :-)!!  Anyway, I was cruising the Disboards forum for tips and hints on staying at the Fort, and ran across a very strange post. Yes, I know there are a lot of strange folks that post to internet boards, but this was so out there. A lady wrote in a question, saying she is coming to stay at Fort Wilderness and is bringing her chihuahua with her, and the dog suffers from separation anxiety, howling whenever it is left alone. She wanted to know a "good loop" to stay in where she wouldn't be close to any other campers so the dog wouldn't bother anyone while they were in the parks all day. As you imagine, there were quite a few remarks from folks saying you should leave the dog home, or board it in daycare, things like that. So she writes back that she's decided that she'll rent seven sites, park her camper in the middle to create a "buffer" zone, and if people still complain she'll give them $100.00 gift cards to make up for the "inconvenience" of listening to her dog howl.

Ok, what do you think? I know what I think! :-). That's about all the thoughts I have for today. I'll see what I can find interesting to write about in another couple of days. have a good one!


  1. I think what you think! Unbelievable!

    Happy Birthday to Al!

  2. You are so right about getting out and seeing this country first hand! It has been a real eye opener. Especially our jobs at Amazon. We are only here for 8 weeks but a lot of the people will spend the rest of their working lives here. The work is very physically demanding. I can't imagine how hard it is to work all day then go home and take care of your family. It sure has made me look at my life differently. I really need to be counting my blessings more often!

  3. I think she has more $$ than sense!
    It is not flip-flop weather here either!

  4. I didn't even know my mom had a camper.

  5. I agree with Laurie. Not sure I could afford one site for 2 weeks, let alone 7. Guess if you are there you'd better complain so you can get that $100 gift card that she is so able to give away.

    How did you get 2 weeks reservations at Fort Wilderness? I've struck out every single time I've tried for one week. Isn't there also a florida resident discount there like at the state parks???

    Pat - tooooooo funny! thanks for the laugh.

  6. I'll park next to anyone for a hundred bucks...
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Really agree with your post election thoughts. This country is so diverse, they need to look beyond just their backyard!!

    When are you heading to Disney?? Hope you get a gift card;o))

  8. Her money would be better spent hiring someone to come along with her to dog-sit! Crazy! Ft. Wilderness is fun. We'll be getting to FL after Thanksgiving, and hopefully Tom will be able to land a workamping job for a couple months.

  9. We need about 10 more women in the Senate and a bunch more in the house. When any group is comprised of at least 1/3 women they work together a lot better. :)

  10. Great post. I agree - lets figure out a way to compromise. I want to win as badly as the next guy but who wants to live like this with all the divisiveness? Hope your Amazon gig goes well.