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Homer, Alaska

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho

The countdown has begun..24 more days until the end of contract for those of us who are Amazon elves! Funny, I never looked SO forward towards Christmas's arrival before.

The weekend starting with Black Friday was crazy. Friday night they had every shift scheduled to work. I have no idea how the actual numbers were for the night, but there were so many people working in Crisplant department that we were literally tripping over each other. I'm so glad that is behind us. We have gone to overtime already, going to 5 nights and 50 hours  starting last week. We have gone into work, eat, sleep mode for the next three weeks. Making things more fun, we had to scramble again for car-pooling as they switched Al's hours to 6:30PM-6:00AM, while I stay at 5:30PM-4:00AM. Luckily, we have enough friends at the park now that I can bum a ride with :-). And it's only another 3 weeks.

What happens when you leave your husband home alone with a shopping list? You come home to a fully decorated trailer!

Laura and I turned the corner at the top of the hill leading into the campground and there at the far end of the campground was blinking lights, and a dressed-up for Christmas Mickey lantern. We're quite festive now, aren't we :-)?

A close-up of the Mickey lantern that my wonderful husband built...I've been wanting one for a long time and he finally had the time to put it together, as well as a Lowe's nearby, while waiting to start at Amazon. Isn't it cute? I can't wait to put it up while we're at Fort Wilderness this winter!

Thanks for the ideas about Nova Scotia, I'm going to start researching things to do there, and in the Bar Harbor area this winter. Its always good to have a list of things to do and explore for those days off...we certainly don't want to sit around doing nothing now, do we ;-)?

That's about it for now. Nothing too exciting, but wanted to check in and let everyone know we are still working hard and ready to process those important Christmas orders! Have a great week :-).


  1. Love the Mickey Lantern!!! Don't work tooooo hard;o)

  2. Love the Mickey Lantern and he looks so festive! Al did good :)
    I've done my part to help keep you employed at Amazon. I've already placed 3 orders since the weekend and there's more coming :)
    Your next 3 weeks will fly by!

  3. Sounds like you had better sit around and rest for awhile after that exhausting schedule. Love the trailer all decked out!

  4. Won't be long now! Hohoho! Cute decorations, good job!

  5. I'll never be able to look at an Amazon box with the same excitement as I once did! Hope the next few weeks fly by. You're right about having funny stories to tell. Our friends are cracking up hearing about our Amazon experience.

  6. Placed my Amazon order yesterday, love getting my "points discount" by using my Amazon Visa Card to purchase gas and stuff while I am traveling. I hope these 3 weeks fly by fast for you.

  7. Very cute Mickey lantern. Yep - we've been doing our part keeping you busy with Amazon. Sure hope those 3 weeks fly by fast for you!

  8. Bet you have a countdown clock on your desktop. I know I would. You seem to be handling it all very well.

    We're thinking of Maine and Nova Scotia too if we can manage David's treatments away from Florieda. Maybe I'd better go back and read your comments section to see what folks are suggesting.

  9. Thank you for providing the Christmas lights for the campground. We are enjoying our view of your festive site!

  10. I can sympthize with your work at Amazon. I worked the Fedex Hub in Memphis for two years. It can get crazy.

  11. Love the decorations!! That would never happen at my house - Tom doesn't decorate . . . but I could see Nick doing that for me!

  12. Very Cool!!! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :))
    Box Canyon Mark