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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone for the kind words of support. I'm not sure the company would be too pleased with me, judging by the number of comments that "we wouldn't do that", but I believe in going into something with your eyes wide open. I think the two things that I really didn't get before actually arriving and working the job is 1. yes, they said we would be working outside in the elements....I was prepared for cold, not for working in a blizzard! and 2. we were told we could expect to work 3, 4 weeks tops, basically the month of October. We were NOT told that we'd be sitting around for days on end, not getting paid. I sort of assumed (and yes, I know what that word breaks down to!) that we'd be actually working that whole time. Oh well, we had the experience, and know better now :-).

I really liked our interviews with Dave at Bar Harbor Camping Resorts. He went over the job thoroughly, trying to explain, as he put it, the good the bad and the ugly. He feels that if folks are going to drive quite a distance for a job, they should hear all about the job, not just the fun details. That way both sides can decide if its a good fit, and hopefully reduce the number of no-shows and early departures. I think that is quite a sensible way of doing things.

So, we arrived here at Green River Lake State Park in Campbellsville KY Sunday afternoon. We may qualify for "PDD"...we drove 1115 miles in three days...how about it, Sherry?  Funny how it felt so "comfortable" as we were pulling in...our fall "home" :-). Our friends Laura, and Joy and Shawn are already here, and we are set up on the same row. There's a few other Amazon people spread out over the park, but I'm sure there's more arriving in the next few weeks. We're about three weeks earlier than last year, and you can see the difference in the campground. There's still quite a few weekenders and vacationers staying here, whereas that drops off by the first of November.

All set up in our lake view site again :-).

We had to get into the fall spirit...and everything is 50% off at Lowes!

Our first couple of days we spent getting settled in and attending to errands that needed to be done. First thing Monday morning we drove to Bardstown, where the nearest LabCorp is. Amazon requires drug screens from all employees, so that has to be done and sent in before we can start here. Hopefully that doesn't take too long. At least this is a pleasant area to sit and relax while waiting! While in Bardstown, named by Rand McNally as Most Beautiful Small Town in America (very nice, but I will have to put in there that I think our home town of Sag Harbor NY is prettier), we stopped by the My Old Kentucky Home State Park to check it out....no tour as we had the dogs with us, and no pictures as I didn't realize I had no card in the camera! We tried to find the bakery that Joy had written about last week, but it was closed on Mondays! Darn! We did go to the Bourbon City Bistro for lunch, and tried a local dish, the Kentucky Hot Brown. Delicious!

Tuesday morning we hiked the Lakeshore Trail here at the park with the dogs. Casey quite enjoyed romping through the woods for a couple of hours, and we found six geocaches along the way. I was quite pleased to find that the hills that had winded me so badly last year, didn't even faze me this year. I may not have lost any weight, but I guess I'm in better cardiac condition since last year. Thanks, Colorado! After lunch was time to stock up the refrigerator and pantry. Oh, how nice it was to shop in Kroger! We had City Market in Buena Vista, which is affiliated with Kroger, but it was very small, the aisles were crowded, and there just isn't the choices you have in a large supermarket. It was fine, don't get me wrong, just not what we're used to. And let's not even go into the grocery store at Hillsboro...I guess it was good that the town even had a grocery store ;-). And its funny, last year I didn't really care for the Kroger here, after shopping all summer in the super awesome Kroger in Michigan, but this year, it's like heaven! Just goes to show, you don't appreciate what you have when you have it. Laundry rounded out the day's chores. 

So now we're just waiting for the call to get started. It may not be until next week, but as I said, at least it's a much nicer place to hang out :-).


  1. Glad you made it safely to your new home.

  2. I somehow missed your last post and just caught up. My goodness that was horrible! Glad you headed out before someone got hurt.

  3. Had to laugh that I am now the official determiner of PDD status. Well if that's the case, you definitely qualify since 1115 miles in 3 days is an average of over 370 miles a day. Well inside the PDD range. You don't have a severe case YET but you'd better be careful. Your case isn't mild either. :-))

  4. Glad you are back to normal surroundings! Yuck on driving 1115 miles in 3 days. I don't think we'll ever have PDD!!

  5. Glad you like the Kroger stores . In Colorado I like Safeway the best . I can only imagine store in the Dakotas . Living in telluride can be tricky sometimes for groceries . Clark's is great they make Amazing sandwiches . Just very expensive store also .