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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Many of my readers don't know where our hometown is...that is, where we lived before we set out on the road. We lived in a beautiful old historic whaling town on the eastern end of Long Island, NY, Sag Harbor.

It has been very hard watching as the huge storm Sandy has been bearing down on our lovely hometown. We've been thinking about all our family and friends back in the area, and hope that  physically they are all doing all right and that there will be a minimum of property damage done to their homes and businesses.

It's never a good sign when a major news station comes to town: CBS. I guess a saving grace is that Jim Cantori from The Weather Channel wasn't in the vicinity!

Even all the way here in Campbellsville KY we have some effects from this massive storm. The wind last night was the worst we've seen here, and it's going to be lasting all day. Some rain is moving in this afternoon, but thankfully its not cold enough here to get the blizzard. I just can't believe the scope of this storm. The economic effects will be felt for a very long time, I'm sure.

Otherwise, things are going fine here. I'm breaking into my shift, and Al is starting today at Safety School, and begins his shift tomorrow. I will have a more complete description of my work in the packing plant soon. Be safe out there!


  1. Sorry to see the storm hit the Northeast. Being from Florida we've seen our share of devastation. Hope your family and friends suffered only minimal damage.

    On a lighter note, we are having lunch with Sandi and Joe tomorrow.

  2. It was, and still is a terrible storm. Although we are glad that we were not there in PA, our hearts go out to those in Philly, Long Island, and NJ.

  3. It's very different being in Florida and watching someone else having to face a hurricane. The reports were astounding.

    Although I do wish they wouldn't hype the whole thing so much. My daughter in Baltimore and my friends in Charlottesville VA all said that the situation away from the coast was nothing like the news media described.

    I hope your family and friends on the island are not part of the severe devastation.

  4. It sure is a huge storm, hope all your family/friends and their stuff made it through OK!