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Homer, Alaska

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Work Days

The last three days we've been busy working here at Chalk Creek Campground. This week started full days for us, bookings for this weekend were coming in strong, plus we have two groups of Boy Scouts coming for the weekend as well as a couple dozen regular sites. Merchandise for the store is arriving every day, and that needs to get inventoried, tagged and placed strategically in the store for those impulse buyers.  Thursday I don't think I got off the phone for more than a few minutes all day! As I would be on the phone taking reservations, the other line was ringing with messages that would need to be answered. We utilize the Campground Manager software here for reservations, and we can receive reservation requests through the "Book my Site" service, through direct email inquiries from the web site, from referrals from other tourist activity centers (ie., the rafting companies, trail rides, etc), phone calls, and of course, walk-in guests looking for a site. Whew, it can get hectic at times :-). I have a thick notebook right at my desk to make copious notes in, so I make sure I am returning each guest's inquiry in proper order. We are already full for monthly guests for the summer. Not too many sites are set aside for monthly guests, as we have such a large transient business here...I call them transients as they are only here for a few days to a week or so...vacationers you would say. 
The store is starting to come together as well, we have a good supply of small grocery items in, camping supplies, and of course, candy, pop and toys for the kiddo's. Clothing merchandise is arriving as well, with a nice selection of shirts and hats getting set up. 

Al has been busy as well out on the grounds. I think the beaver has finally gotten discouraged as he hasn't re-built the dam in the irrigation canal :-). The sites have all been spiffied up, tables cleaned and put in place, weeds and debris cleared out. There is no running water in the lower campground (too close to the water table, they are not allowed to bring water down there, so this week the restroom outhouse was cleaned and readied for guests, and port-o-johns were put in place at the group tent site. The primo bath house is in the upper campground, and is really nice...all tiled, heated, beautiful showers...there is even radiant heating in the floor tiles. I have to say its the nicest bath house I've ever seen in a campground, outside of Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World.

Another project the guys have been working on this week was renovating the old bath house. After the previous owners had the new bath house built a couple of years ago, the old bath house had been used for storage. Everything was just stuffed in there willy-nilly, and the new owners wish to get it all organized and used specifically for campground maintenance supplies, which would free up the maintenance garage for tools and work space. So they've been ripping out the insides, re-sheet rocking the walls, and building shelves for storage space. Its going to be much more convenient for the housekeepers to have everything in one spot, and there will be more storage to keep store inventory on hand as well. I think its going to be a good improvement.

Al is off learning to fly fish today :-). Tomorrow we also have off, work all day Monday, and then we are off on a 2 day adventure to Durango and Mesa Verde. We have been invited to dinner by some folks we knew back in New York who live in Durango now, so that will be great fun. I'm sure I'll have many more interesting photos to share after visiting Mesa Verde and Lake  Vallecito. Then its back to Chalk Creek for Memorial Day weekend....PotLuck Thursday, Bingo Saturday, and Ducky Races on Sunday. Be sure to pop back for all the weekend fun :-)!


  1. You sure can't beat the scenery around your location!

  2. Work hard... Play hard... Life is Good!!!

  3. What gorgeous photos. Your WORKamping job seems a lot like fun!

  4. It will be fun to visit with you guys this week . You will love lake Vallecito I have spent lots of time there from a canoe trip to cross country skiing. It's a cool place to live near . Drive up middle mountain road it's cool . See you guys this week looking forward to having dinner

  5. What beautiful photos! We will be heading to La Veta, CO the end of next week. I'm sure we'll see some of that gorgeous country. Looking forward to seeing Colorado!