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Homer, Alaska

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Only Took Five Minutes

This is a very brief report as I don't have much life left in my laptop batteries. Yesterday afternoon, after raining all night and then having a fabulous morning and early afternoon, at 3:40 PM we had a brief but extremely intense storm blow right across us. There was hardly any warning at all, and it didn't look bad at all on the radar...just a little tiny cell moving along. I've seen so much worse on the radar! The folks that have been here for several years have said they've never seen seen this much damage before. It wasn't a tornado, but some folks have heard it was considered a "microburst"? Anyway, we have no power, maybe not for days, and I will try to charge up my laptop later today at Panera Bread! We sustained no damage ourselves, although the screen room did try to fly down the road and Al managed to rescue it. It may have a few tears in the netting but we can fix that. And miraculously, there have been no injuries reported at all! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


  1. Wow, amazing. Thank goodness you guys are OK. Must have been a very scary five minutes, to say the least.

  2. Yikes! Amazing that nobody got hurt.
    Once upon a time, three buddies and I were at Grand Bend Raceway, having just pulling in, put out the awning, opened a couple cold ones, that kind of thing, when we were set upon by what I think was a "micro burst".
    Oh my goodness!
    Getting the awning under control was neigh on impossible, and I later ended up having to get it replaced, since awnings don't work all that well with a gash along one edge. Of course, we got completely soaked trying to rescue the poor thing. Then within a half hour it was a nice sunny day again. We were actually kind of lucky. When we went out afterwards to have a look around, there were a few things that were upside down. Kind of like those pictures you took.
    Not something I'd like to experience all that often.

  3. Wow so glad you guys came thru it ok. That had to be scary. Will keep in touch as we head to Texas. In Pa. right now.

  4. mother nature's fury..short lived but you sure knew she was there!..those are quite the photos you got of the damage!..take care and we hope that all the damage sustained was only minimal!

  5. Sorry you had to experience that, but go glad you are OK and no one was hurt!

    Take care and be safe,

  6. Glad to hear you guys are ok. We had the samething here on Sunday.

  7. Glad you guys had no damage and that their were no injuries.
    Take Care

  8. That was some storm. glad you had no serious damage.

  9. Oh WOW! I had a microbust at the house in charlottesville a couple of years ago that took down a big oak tree through the middle of the house two doors up and totalled the house. Luckily the renters weren't home. A neighbor wrote me that they had another one, less damaging recently. Wonder if it was the same one. Glad everyone was OK and you had no damage. They are scary as you don't know you should be "prepared".