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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The End of the Summer

It's been rather quiet around here, with everyone just getting ready for the last weekend of the summer Labor Day. That's all right though, as our thoughts at the end of the week and weekend were back on Long Island, waiting and watching to see what havoc Irene would wreak upon our friends and family, not to mention the house that is under contract :-0! Fortunately, the impact was much less than had been anticipated, although after seeing the aftermath of tropical force storm winds and rain leaves you to wonder what would happen if a Category 2 or 3 hurricane would inflict a direct hit on the east end. We are so grateful for all the friends who called and offered to assist Al's mom and sister if needed, and for everyone that kept an eye on things during the storm. Luckily, our village of North Haven suffered very little damage, and we were fortunate enough to not even lose power. We can thank the Good Lord for watching over our family for us!

We are in our last week of work here at Waldenwoods, and are starting to get the rig ready for the road, and making plans for the fall. We are planning to leave Michigan on September 8, travel across Ontario to Niagara Falls, where we will stop for a couple of nights to see the falls. From there we plan on driving across New York, providing the flood waters have receded and the NY Thruway reopens, stopping to visit Watkins Glen and Cooperstown along the way. Our estimated date of arrival back in Sag Harbor is Sunday September  18th.

We have had a blast here at Waldenwoods, working at our first workamping jobs. We have met many great people, and made new friends that we will hopefully meet later on down the road as we pass each other in our quest to see the United States. Last week we had an "employee appreciation party", where managers handed out "paper plate awards" to everyone. It was very cute, and both Al and I received awards. Al received a bag of LifeSavers candies, in honor of his CPR save and the seizures episode, and I received a miniature ladder, for "climbing the corporate ladder the fastest" here at Waldenwoods :-). I also received an award from my staff, the "I'm going to wring your neck if you come behind the counter one more time!" award :-). Can you tell the major problem I had with the kids in the store :-)? It was really fun, and a great way to end the season. The people here were great to work for, and have told us both we're welcome to come back any time we want. I thought that was really nice!

The next few days are going to busy, but we are planning on going out to Seven Lakes State Park one last time, on Thursday evening when we are both off. It has been our favorite local park, and we will miss it. But more adventures await us, in Colorado next summer :-).


  1. Have a safe trip, there are lots of hazards at the moment in the northeast.

  2. Karen & Al,

    Sounds like this summer has been a great beginning to your travels. Your posts have shown the fun and sometimes adventurous/ scary/ interesting things that being on the road brings. I really have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy your blog. Your stories and pictures are great to read and see... I look forward to each one. Hope to see you soon!! Take care and have a safe trip back the "the Harbor".

    Beth <3

  3. Glad to hear there was no damage to your property. And to hear that both of you were well appreciated in your jobs. It certainly sounded like a lot of work to me but I'm happy you enjoyed it. Very soon you'll be on to more adventures!

  4. Hard to believe you have already finished your first workcamping job!! Glad that your family and your SOLD home were all safe and sound. Hurricanes can be very unnerving. Can't wait to see where your travels take you :o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails........

  5. You have had a great summer. Glad to see that there were no issues with your property in LI. Was wondering! Safe travels next week to your next adventure :-)

  6. Glad to hear your home town did not suffer much damage. Sounds like your work camping experience was a good one. We are trying to decided when to dive in to work camping probably next fall.

  7. It sounds like your first workamping job turned out well. We are still waiting our first one!

  8. I can't believe you're at the end of your first adventure. Seems like you just left. Guess I'll be seeing you guys in Va. the middle of Oct.


  9. Hi Karen
    Please send me your email. Thanks! Lydia