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Homer, Alaska

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Weekend

It was a rainy, cold weekend here, and not too much was going on. I had the Park Store open for the weekend hours, but there wasn't a whole lot of action going on. I worked with Chris on Saturdy for the first time, he is the one person that was re-hired from last year. He is going to be a big help to me, particularly with the various food machines and ordering. I did sell some scooped ice cream to a couple a families, and the kids were really cute :-). We also had the Slush-puppie machine up and running, and while Al was bringing me dinner Saturday night, I had a small burst of business, so he made a slush puppy drink for a little girl, and she said it was "really good" :-). We've been checking out a couple of different pizza places around here, and so far "Hungry Howies" has been our favorite. Although a couple of people have told me the pizza at the Mobil station down the road is very good..seriously :-0!! We may give it a go :-).

As I was closing up Friday, I glanced over the lake, and it was black as night, with flashing in the distance...it looked like a really bad storm was fixin' to come our way, and unfortunately for us, it broke before we got finished. Ranger Mark had come up to take my deposit to the office, so he gave me a ride back to the campsite, but I was soaked to the skin just running from the truck to the trailer. It was an all out monster storm, and Chelsea was NOT liking it at all!

By Sunday, it was cold as well; it went from the high 80's on Wednesday and Thursday to a high in the mid-40's on Sunday. needless to say, sales were not booming on Sunday, and most of the weekend people packed it in and headed out of the park. I did more organizing, and went through the store, making sure all of the items were marked with prices, so I won't have to be constantly checking prices when people ask "how much"! I also read the Hershey Ice Cream manual...:-). I was wondering how to ensure accurate, consistent "scooping", and I learned all about the "art of scooping" right there in the manual.

Al is rangering tonight, and tomorrow night. Then we both have off Wednesday and Thursday. The weather isn't suppose to improve too much, but I'll see if I can come up with something interesting to say during that time. We do have a nice weekend forecast so far, so hopefully the campground will be busier, and I might make some sales worth talking about!

I'm sorry I have no pictures...it's been pretty dismal for that. I'm starting to get hummingbirds at my feeders, though, so I'm going to try to get some pictures of them soon. You'll be the first to see them when I do!


  1. Sorry it's still raining on you. What a spring! It sounds like you're having fun though!

    I might be a little leery of Mobil Oil Pizza too :)

  2. You must tell the essentials of correct scooping now that you know them. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the weather change. When does summer officially show up there?


  3. so do you have 31 flavors? maybe you should have a contest to pick the most favorite flavor. I thinking mint chocolate chip.

  4. Hi Guys...Despite the rain (which we have had enough of as well!!)..it sounds like you have settled right in there. I bet scooping ice cream and making slush-puppies beats what you used to do, by far! Sounds like fun.. for both of you....working in the park and meeting all those people..especially when they should be pretty "happy campers" on vacation!! (pardon the pun...couldn't resist LOL)..
    Not too much new here..we did pick up a wood 10 ft.!! table and benches w/backs for FREE this weekend!..FB comes in very handy sometimes..:-)

    Will talk to you soon...stay safe, warm and dry..it's bound to be dryer soon!!!! Have fun...
    Beth & Billy

    P.S. I'm with the post above..I'd be a bit leery of pizza from Mobil too!! But hey..ya never know! GL with that...;-)

  5. Weather is just, well, not nice this year! Glad you have down time, so that you can learn that store!

  6. Sorry to hear about the "not so nice" weather up in Michigan. But what do you expect being so far north. See.....you should have stayed down here while you had the opportunity. I hate to say this but we've had beautiful weather here so far. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.....and when it does it will drop with a vengeance. But.....that's when we go "north". Be patient, summer should arrive soon.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Holland. It had to be one of my most favorite towns in Michigan when we visited a few years back. Unfortunately, we were there in September and not in the spring. I would have loved to have seen all those beautiful tulips that you took pictures of.
    Glad to hear that you guys are really enjoying your "new careers". Keep up the great posts. We look forward to hearing them all.

  7. We have had a ton of rain here in Maryland. I can't wait until all of this mud dries up. Stay dry......