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Homer, Alaska

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Bomb!!

Let me tell you, this is one very unhappy trailer and truck (not to mention the owners!).

It's always a little depressing to be watching the evening news, and having the weatherman tell you there's a snow "bomb" that's going to occur over your area that evening and the next day. It has something to do with the barometric pressure dropping a certain amount of degrees in a certain amount of time. The storm that alot of you had in the south Monday, causing some snow and icy conditions, moved up the coast on Tuesday. Another storm front moving down from the northwest collided with that one over Long Island, creating the "bomb" for us.
This is our front yard early this morning, as I peaked out the front door into the wind and snow.

There's a dark-eyed junco sitting on a branch of the pine tree, waiting to swoop in to the feeders. The feeders were a frenzy of activity today.

We had chickadees, cardinals, juncos, sparrows, goldfinches, downy woodpeckers, doves, house finches, a carolina wren ( we call him the "yard nazi" because he constantly scolds us when we are working in the yard, he doesn't like to be disturbed), but no hawks today. Sometimes a Cooper's hawk flies in and sits on the top of the birdfeeders. I don't think he realizes that when he does this, his meal possibilities become severely limited!

This junco and the goldfinch were squabbling over the peanut butter suet!

So, we spent about 3 hours clearing the driveway, cars, and walkway to the birdfeeder this morning. After lunch, as the storm slowed down, we headed over to the shop to clear the sidewalks and parking lot there. thank goodness for the snowblower we have, otherwise we would have never been able to do all this ourselves! This was a very wet heavy snow as well. It was difficult to move!

Chelsea does love this weather though. She is a true Maine dog! Casey definitely does not...especially after his bath and haircut Monday. Poor thing was shivering! Just like Mom :-).

Well, I hope this makes you folks down south feel a little better; yes, I know it's chilly down there, but at least you're not shoveling a foot plus of this stuff! Until next time, take care!

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  1. We have never been in that kind of weather with the RV. I hope the weather improves soon!