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Homer, Alaska

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More snow, and another week closer

First, thanks to Bill and Cap for becoming followers, I appreciate that. I have found your website very helpful in my research.

Yes, more snow! It is rapidly becoming a four-letter word around here! Wednesday into Thursday morning, we received another 8 inches or so of the white stuff, after a wicked early evening of heavy sleet and freezing rain the gave such a nice undercoating to the snow, on top of the ice we still had from the last round. I read in the paper Tuesday that our average winter snowfall is just over 32 inches for the entire season, and we had already reached 35 inches before the new storm. Also, February is just around the corner, and is typically the snowiest month for us. We're really looking forward to that...NOT!

The closing on the business has been delayed, AGAIN, and is really getting frustrating for us. I remain optimistic that the lawyers will come to a consensus in their negotiations. In the meantime, we continue to work towards the goals of finishing the business and packing up our stuff.

A bit of exciting news, though, is we were interviewed for our local paper last week, and the story was on the front page of this week's edition of The East Hampton Star. Thank you, Carissa, for such a nicely written story! I guess the people who haven't heard yet will find out now! :-). I actually had an older gentleman come in today, and when I asked if I could help him, he stated he wasn't a customer, but had read our story in the paper and came in to talk to us. He and his wife had done an extended trip cross-country several years ago, and were contemplating another one. He was very nice, asking a lot of questions, and telling us about his journey. It was very interesting, and I'm sure we are going to keep repeating this scenario wherever we roam. You meet the nicest people in campgrounds :-).

I think that will be all for this time...short and sweet. I'll get back to my African Safari stories next time. Until then, stay safe and hopefully warm!


  1. What a wonderful article in your local paper! You'll have the whole town following your adventure. Hope this is the last delay on the business sale. March is just around the corner! Look forward to meeting you at the rally in April. Safe travels.

  2. I just read the piece in the East Hampton Star. I am writer and camper out here in Michigan, and it was great to see you'll be coming to our fair peninsula. In fact, it looks like your first gig here will be very close to where we live. I hope you have a safe trip--and be sure to send me an email (matthew.forster [at] gmail.com) if you're looking for a friendly face when you get into town.

  3. That's a big one day haul to First Landing (formerly known as Seashore State Park even though it's on the bay). I've been there hundreds of times. It's a great little place but be sure to check out the sites before you pull in. Some roads are narrow and all are one way. But they have a big parking lot. You must be SO excited. See you at the rally.


  4. Hey Guys!

    We have been doing the same thing (sort of) for the past two years. We bought a motorhome off ebay, and have travelled over 50,000 miles since feb '09. Been to Alaska twice, and over 35 National parks in 30+ states and Canada!

    Have a million stories and a few tips too. If you want to chat or get together for coffee, we're in Montauk.

    You'll never regret it, I promise.

    Justin, Liz, Nate & Truman Fallon
    jnfallon at aol (email)

  5. Karen,

    Just don't forget to keep in touch with "old" friends. I will be watching here to see all of your adventures! It sounds like the beginning of a wonderful trip.

    Have a wonderful journey! You deserve it.

    Bev :)

  6. Hello Karen and Al (from the other Karen and Al)

    Thanks for the comment on our blog about the kayaks. I had never found your blog before but will start reading it! Good luck with the business. I haven't had a chance to read the article yet, but will later today! I hope the weather eases up a bit for you!

  7. Congrats on the great article! Waiting with baited breath for you to get out of that snow and on the road :) Nina