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Homer, Alaska

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wyoming Wrap

I really meant to do a summer wrap-up post before leaving Luton's, but time just got away from me, as always. We stayed pretty busy until the last week, and 3 of our co-workers had left for their winter engagements by 9/22, so we had a bunch of fall cleaning to do with a smaller staff. But we "got 'er done"!

Even though we returned to the same job we had last summer, we still found all sorts of new things to do. There certainly is no shortage of areas to explore and sights to be seen here in this little slice of paradise.

We had a wonderful wildlife spotting year!
It started with the lucky viewing of the baby elk that had just been born.

We spotted a young mule deer buck while out one night with our co-workers Larry and Elaine.

We saw several different black bears...

and finally, a grizzly bear! I was so excited ;-).

While on a float trip down the Snake River we saw easily 2 dozen beavers, and a really cute family of river otters.

We saw a cow moose down at Schwabacher's Landing one night,

and a bull moose taking life easy a different night.

Fall rounded out our viewing with, finally, a beautiful bull elk bugling away!

We had several adventures with our good friends Dan and Jonell who were working up in West Yellowstone. We toured, hiked and ate together several times :-). Unfortunately, I can't find a face on picture of them! Guess I was always lagging behind.

We had a week-long visit from our good friends Jim, Judy and Clay, along with Shadow.

We had family visit for ten days, and had a great time sight-seeing, hiking to the falls, 

Checking out the rodeo,

taking a dinner cruise on Jackson Lake,

and taking the aerial tram to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain!

We saw beautiful waterfalls,

hiked in beautiful canyons,

had fun meeting up with fellow RV'ing friends,

attended a horse whisperer demonstration,

and had an exciting white water rafting trip.

Oh yeah! We also worked at an unbelievably beautiful guest ranch :-)!

Sadly, we took our leave from Luton's Teton Cabins this morning, and start heading east. Tomorrow we are stopping for the night to visit our friends Phil and Rudee at Crazy Horse, then continuing to spend a week in Grand Marais, Minnesota. We have a campsite reserved on Lake Superior and are looking forward to exploring this North Woods area. Then we head to Indiana for a little work on our slides at the Grand Design Factory, and then its on to Campbellsville KY, starting 10/19 on our fifth season working for Amazon. Life is an adventure, and we are living it!I'll be back soon, hopefully with a really nice review of Grand Marais. 


  1. Seems you had a great summer. You sure do have a lot packed into the next couple of weeks too! That bugling elk would have sent chills down my spine. How special.

  2. Great summer! The wildlife to me is always the most exciting. I hope things go well at Grand Design.We just set up in Mesquite Nv. Steve starts softball on Saturday. We'll be at lake Mead the following Saturday. Enjoy your time off before Amazon and safe travels!

  3. Your photos are amazing!! How wonderful to have seen all those wonderful things in person:o)) I am guessing you are enjoying your new camera lense...still toying with getting the same. Then I just have to get out west;-))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  4. Safe travels to Minnesota and Amazon. Looking forward to seeing you two.

  5. Great wrap up of your very full summer. How did you find the time to work? LOL. Will you return for more great wildlife and adventures next summer?

  6. WOW!!! What great pictures and what a wonderful summer you and Albert experienced. How did you ever find time to work??? Safe travels. See you guys again soon.

  7. You hit the "Wildlife" jackpot!!!
    Box Canyon Mark

  8. Is that ALL? Geesh... you two dont do anything but sit around.... :)