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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well What Do You Know?

So, we had an appointment today to take the rig to Lazydays to fix any warranty items we have found wrong before we set out for our travels west. Well, we hung around for awhile, and after discussing things for awhile, we found a new rig that we absolutely love! I know it's only been three months, but do we really need such a large, elegant rig? So we went for it, and traded in the rig AND the truck for something new, and a bit smaller...much more economical fuel-wise for long trips. OK ready for it?

Wait for it....

Are you sure you're ready???

What do you think????? The four of us should do just fine!!


  1. All you pranksters are really running wild today;o)) Hey I know Casey will never give up his seat on that sofa!!

  2. April Fool! Mike and Terri had me for a second first thing this morning! Sure wish our "scratch" was under warranty. They're saying around 8 grand to repair!:(

  3. Well you had me because with my slow internet connection I couldn't see the picture until AGES after I'd read the text. You and Mike better meet up on the road and see if you can out April Fools each other.

  4. Too cute! I especially like the miniature kayak on top of your head. It goes well with that newbig rig. :)

  5. Perfect- hope your appt went well. We should have asked you to look in on the breeze. They can't seem to get her finished up.