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Homer, Alaska

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Tragic Day for Mount Princeton, Colorado

Late breaking news out of our former work area from last summer was brought to our attention earlier this evening. Sadly, it has been confirmed that 5 hikers have been killed and a sixth injured at a rockslide at Agnes Vaille Falls. This short hike was our first hike in the area, and was also our last. I had never posted pictures of it, as I was busy with getting ready to leave at the time.

Agnes Vaille Falls

We were looking for a geocache at the falls, and after much searching, we did find it. The search did lead us up into the rock piles.

I absolutely shudder to think of this wall of rock crashing down upon us!

Prayers for the family and friends of these poor people.


  1. So sorry to hear about this tradgedy...so sad. It reminds me that life is short and not to be wasted!!

  2. I totally agree with Bill and Nancy. Life IS too short and we should enjoy as much of it as we possibly can because, "this is not a dress rehearsal, people"!!!! Enjoy your last weeks up in Maine. We look forward to our mini family reunion. It will be here before we know it.

  3. Very sad indeed. As a Coloradan, this is just NOT a common occurrence and is difficult to comprehend. Yes, life is short, all the more reason to live it to its fullest!

  4. Oh Karen how sad and how frightening for you having been there twice. Being killed on a hike is something I have never even thought of. But that life is short and can be changed in an instant is something we have first hand knowledge of. Live EVERY minute of EVERY day.

  5. Wow, Karen, I had not heard about this. Plus, to think that where we were through the first 2 weeks of September last year (2012 had the horrific floods. Life is definitely too short. Our RV friends Dave and Janice have also spent a few months in the NE, including Maine. Too bad y'all could not have met!