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Homer, Alaska

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friendly Faces

As much as we love our friends on the road, sometimes you just long for a familiar friendly face from your past life :-). We were fortunate enough to have more friends from New York make the trek northward and spend some time with us the end of July. Al was back in Florida for their arrival, but made it back here in time to spend a couple of nights with them before they headed onwards in their travels.
Janice and her three daughters spent a whole week up here, and as I suspected, enjoyed it very much. One night while Al was away they invited me to go with them to the Great Maine Lumberjack Show. It's a really touristy thing to do up, and was really an enjoyable show.

The ticket office

Assorted goodies at the arena...I enjoyed the "Chicks with Axes" t-shirts :-)

Several different lumberjacking skills were demonstrated, starting with chopping logs in half...
two man sawing contests..

pole climbing....

and chainsaw carving. This was a "rabbit", which was actually a joke carving, and it turned into a child's chair that was given to a little girl in the audience.

There was also log rolling and ax throwing demonstrations, but it was getting too dark for even halfway decent pictures. 

Another night we had dinner and played mini-golf at Pirate's Cove, where we had a great deal of fun, but for protection of all those involved, no pictures will be shown :-).

Of course, no stay in Acadia could be complete without a visit to a lobster pound. So one night we piled into our trucks and drove over to Bernard to have dinner at Thurston' for Lobster, a pound right on the harbor front. 
The dining area is a double decker seating area built right on the piers of the harbor, giving you a great view of the waterfront from every seat.

These are the large "pots" that the lobsters are cooked in, along with the corn, steamers, etc.

Dinner preparation area...all the baskets lined up waiting for their lobsters :-)

After waiting in a short line, you arrive at the ordering area. here you select your lobster, or whatever else you may be having. This is a blue lobster! Of course, Al asked for a "large lobster"....

Think this one is big enough??

Weighing it up...3.6 pounds....yep, that'll do :-)!!

After a short wait, dinner is served! The blueberry cake dessert was delicious. It was almost like a spice cake with the blueberries.

Janice's lobster wasn't quite as big, but she still looked a bit in awe of it, wouldn't you say?

Joyce just wanted mussels...finished them all in record time.

We couldn't leave without some atmosphere pictures along the docks...lobster pots piled up,

buoys glowing in the fading sun...

lobster boats quietly waiting for their next departure.

It was a wonderful visit, and ended all too soon. It was so nice to hear that they enjoyed it so much that they want to return again next summer. There really is so much to do here, for families, couples, singles, really anyone. It is a beautiful area, and when the sun is out, :-), it's even better!

Thanks Janice, for coming up to see us all! We'll see you again in October :-).


  1. how fabulous. . .and yes, I agree. . .faces from home are the best!

    Our RV neighbors recommended Thurston's also. . .thanks for reminding me. . .

    great pics of the harbor and lobster paraphernalia. . .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. Great post! The Lumberjack Show reminded me of one we saw in Alaska a few years ago. Very touristy but fun :)
    The lobster pound pictures have my mouth watering. Hope Al is eating extra for me :)

  3. Great to see that Lobster "yup, that's the one!". Love your header picture. So glad Al got home in time to see your friends.

  4. Great post. I love your header picture. It is just how I picture Maine. I can't wait to see it for myself.

  5. Always good to see old friends:o)) What a great visit you had and that lobster was HUGE!!!

  6. I agree with your friends about wanting to come back. There is so much to do there and the scenery is awesome!

  7. Wonderful blog...I am so hungry for lobster!