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Homer, Alaska

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Holding Pattern

I'm so sorry about the lack of updates, but everything is well so far. We had a follow-up last Tuesday with our regular G.P., to keep her in the loop as to his condition and also the cardiologist wanted a follow-up on the suspected infection. During the course of blood testing in the hospital, they found his white blood cell count elevated and a slightly elevated temperature, so in addition to the meds for the a-fib he was put on the antibiotic Levaquin. They kept asking if he had been sick, but he hadn't. It's a mystery to us. Is the infection related to the onset of the a-fib? Also unknown, but is pondered. Tomorrow morning is a round of blood tests, CBC, BMP and bNP. Then an appointment with the cardiologist. That's the big determination whether we can leave or not. Fingers, toes, and any other appendage that can be crossed is currently crossed!

In the meantime, we are resting and re-planning. Al is feeling better every day. At first, it was like we were hesitant to let him do anything, for fear of his heart kicking back into the arrhythmia, but that's not really a sensible thing to do. The meds are doing their thing, and seem to be keeping his rhythm normal and heart rate down. The cardiologist knows our lifestyle, and seems to be agreeable to us leaving the area for the summer so long as we can work out where to get lab work done on a regular basis. We're even willing to send him back down here for a follow-up for a few days if necessary. So we are optimistic a treatment plan can be worked out. Of course, the best possible scenario will be that this is a fluke, and won't happen again!

I hope to post Tuesday night that we'll be on our way the next morning!

Fellow RV Dreamers Phil and Rudee are in our prayers.


  1. We know all about the monthly blood draws and inconvenient doctors appointments with an on going medical condition. But it can be done. It just creates a new normal in your lives. So glad to hear that Al is feeling better each day. And that it won't take you or him as long to get back to the life you want to live as it did us. We're keeping you in our hearts.

  2. Oh I so hope all goes well with the cardiologist and you can be on your way. I have to take a medicine a beta blocker to keep my heart rate down. I have an incredibly fast heart rate and it pounds like nobody's business when I don't take it. I just hope you will be on the road to your new job, keep us posted.

  3. Crossing EVERYTHING hoping for a good report today!!! This lifestyle really is about dealing and adjusting with constant change. You two will find the way:o)) Nothing but good thoughts coming your way!!!

  4. Still got everything crossed.

    We use Quest Diagnostics http://www.questdiagnostics.com/home.html for Linda's tests that she needs to have sent to her doctor every 6 months. We have found them from Oregon to Florida and have had good results. Don't know if there is one where you'll be, but may be worth a check.

  5. Glad that things are going better, despite the infection. Amazing how many of our RV Dreamers are facing medical issues :(