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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Post!

It's already two weeks into the New Year, and what have we been up to??

Well, the priorities were to get back on a normal day/night schedule, get settled into the winter residence, start taking care of "business" (doctor and other appointments), and getting the crack in our trailer fixed. I', happy to report we are now out of "vampire" mode and back to a normal eating/sleeping schedule :-). It took longer to revert back to normal this year than it did to get into the night time schedule...strange.

Sunday 12/30 we took a ride over to the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Clermont to have breakfast with Steve and Joan, bloggers at FOSJ. They are taking the job at Chalk Creek that we vacated, and I was happy to report to Tamara that they are great folks, lively and entertaining, and will fit right in at Chalk Creek. We had not remembered that they had attended the same RV-Dreams rally that we had in April 2011 in Tennessee, but there were so many people there that we were meeting for the first time! Its really neat how this network of folks are out there that have all met through Linda and Howard Payne of RV-Dreams. We ended up taking up space at the restaurant for over two hours chatting about this and that. We're hoping they enjoy working at Chalk Creek Campground as much as we did.

New Year's Eve we had a nice family dinner, and Al roasted us a beautiful standing rib roast...can't do that in an RV oven! It was delicious and we had a wonderful time with our moms, family and friends. Life on the road is great, but its even better to spend the holidays with your family.

We've both started our volunteer work at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, so if anyone is in the area, stop by! Its a wonderful park, very interesting and beautiful, and we may be at our respective posts...Al driving the boats and I'm at the panther exhibit!

The news on the trailer front: well, its not fixed yet. After the first repair place we investigated said they couldn't do it, we had left a message with Keystone, and also investigated another place nearby that handles collision repairs...even though it wasn't a collision, we figured that kind of repair facility would be better equipped to handle this issue. Actually, I don't think I ever posted pictures of it, so here goes:
Crack on the outside, runs from the top of the main slide towards the roof

When the slide is pulled in you can see this crack on the inside wall

Thursday 1/3 we took it over to Como RV in Inverness, and had a long discussion with the tech there. He was very nice and thorough in his examination, such as he could be, but he also felt that it may be too big of a job for them. He felt the slide would probably have to be pulled out, and they didn't have the equipment to handle that big of a slide.But he took a lot of pictures, and said he would get in touch with Keystone as well...they are a dealer for Keystone, whereas the other place we had gone was not.
In the meantime, and since then, we have had quite a bit of back and forth with Keystone. The good news ends up being, that Keystone will cover all the necessary repairs under their warranty department, something that we had hoped for but didn't really expect :-). The bad news is that we need to take it up to the factory in Goshen IN to have the work done. And we need to leave it for several weeks as they are anticipating having to replace the entire wall. The other good news is that they have really been accommodating in working around our schedule, so that we can still attend our family reunion at Disney, then take it immediately up to Indiana, and then we can pick it up in April for our trip north to Bar Harbor by May 1. The customer service representative we have been dealing with at Keystone has been terrific, and I really have to give Keystone a "THUMBS UP" so far for their willingness to help us out on this major issue. 

On Wednesday 1/9, we met with RV-Dreamer friends Bill and Nancy, and Gin and Syl at Silver River State Park to do some kayaking. It was a beautiful day, mostly sunny and warm, a great day for being on the river. We have been to this park before, but never kayaked on the river and we've heard it was beautiful..and it is! the important thing to remember at this park, though, is that it is 6/10's of a mile walk to get from the parking area to the put-in area for the boats. It is best to have wheels for your kayak. If you remember from last year, we had bought our 12-foot manta ray kayaks used from Nick Russell over at Gypsy Journal. They are really nice, but are heavy :-). He gave us wheels for each one that he had made, but we never needed to use them last year as we only went out once and were able to drive right up to the launch area. And, unfortunately, the wheels just did not work very well, one set even broke off at the connection point. So we did what any determined kayaker would do...started carrying/dragging them down to the launch! Al got his all the way down, I was a bit behind and was SO happy to see Bill headed back my way with his wheels :-).
I see a pair of wheeleez in our future!

It was a great day on the river!
Bill and Nancy ahead of us in their SeaEagle

Turtles everywhere

Night Heron posing nicely

I love seeing wood ducks with their brilliant colors

Monkeys....yes, monkeys. There used to be a jungle boat cruise in the attraction Silver Springs at the headsprings, and these monkeys were let go into the wild when they ride was abandoned.

Little Blue Heron (Nancy, please correct me if I get anyone wrong!)

Female Anhinga

Male Anhinga

Tri-Colored Heron


Of course, no trip would be complete without these toothy critters :-).

You can hide but we still see you!

Floating back down river, Gin and Syl in their double-hull kayak and Nancy and Bill in their single.

Back on land, Bill was my hero, using his set of wheels to take our kayaks back to the parking area one at a time. He wouldn't let me help at all! Bill, I really owe you one ;-). Back at their campsite, it was time for a cold drink before bidding our friends a fond farewell and thanks for a great day...we hope to see you again soon!!

Thursday afternoon was game day with our family...we taught Al's Aunt Doris and cousin Bruce the Marbles Cards and Jokers game (I will take a picture of it so you can see what I'm talking about) and then they taught us Hand and Foot card game. We have a lot of fun playing games :-).

As I write this, we are in Site 551 at Fort Wilderness for the weekend. My sister Amy and her husband Mike are running in the marathon here, and we came down to visit them for a little while since they are so close :-). Its a beautiful day here, going into the low 80's...perfect flip-flop weather ;-). We have week day annual passes, so we can't visit the parks on Saturday and Sunday. We are spending the day here at the campground, and are cleaning and purging the cabinets. Its time, and so long as we have to clean everything out before we take it in for the repairs, it seems like a good time to assess the value of everything we carry and whether its needed or not. Its way too easy to accumulate excess weight, and we need to stay on top of it. 

Oh, and thanks to Sherry and David who just stopped by to say HI! So nice to chat with you again, and hope we can meet up with you again this winter. Isn't this roamers life wonderful...friends everywhere :-).


  1. Steve and I really enjoyed meeting you and Al. Funny how you feel like you're with old friends. We are here in Las Vegas now after meeting several other rving couples along our route. Be sure and take a ride to downtown Winter Garden. You won't be disappointed! Enjoy your stay in Floida

  2. Florida is a great place to spend the winter! I just love the crystal clear water when it comes to paddling. Nice shots of the wildlife.

  3. It was a nice day on the river and we appreciate your driving all the way over here to join us!! I believe you got everyone of the birds correct and your photos are amazing!! Hope you get the wall cracked fixed with as little hassle as possible.

  4. One of my favorite Florida kayak spots. Although I haven't had a chance to do very many spring runs in Florida, and they are big on my bucket list, along with the Keys. Ahhh, Florida. Sounds like you are having fun with all the folks who write the blogs I read.

  5. Great wildlife shots Karen. It was good to see you both and talk. Hope we can do it again soon. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed about the rig repair and that winter trip you have to make. But you sure have a great summer planned.

  6. I'm glad you had good luck with Keystone. The last 2 units we had were Heartland and the new one is an Avalanche by Keystone. We were wondering if we had any problems how they would be to deal with. I'm sorry you have such a major repair job, but happy that they are going to fix it for you.
    Hope you have a healthy~happy New Year!

  7. We usually try to visit Homosassa Springs every year. We'll look you up if we get up there. Do they have rv sites for volunteers? I wouldn't mind volunteering there some time.

  8. Thanks for the update Karen and Al! Being with family at the holidays is the best, isn't it!

  9. Good luck with the repair. Yikes, that looks like a big job.

    We'll have to have a Hand and Foot game when we see you this summer :) Love that game.

  10. I'm new to your blog, thanks to Sherry and Dave, and it's beautiful. I would love to take a river trip like that one day. Look forward to following your blog.
    ~Betty and Joe Graffis from Milwaukie, Oregon

  11. Al & Karen,
    Great pics. Looks very familiar now. We are enjoying a lot of the same here at Alexander Springs. A bump in the road (broken computer) has slowed me down on the blogging a bit. Good luck with the Trailer Repair.

    Wayne & Rhonda.

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