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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lost Canyon

One of our co-workers, Sandi, had told us about a really nice drive about a half hour north of here called Lost Canyon. After we got off work one afternoon, we decided to take a drive up there, and do a little geo-caching along the zway. The directions told us to go north on Hwy 285, and just before getting to the town of Granite, turn off onto County Road 398...you gotta love these county roads in Colorado... no where else would these be considered roads :-). Anyway, our first stop was the Granite Cemetery.

Yep, there is a whole series of geocaches called "spirit quests", and take a wild guess where they are located!

Cemetery's have some great views around here :-)

We then took a hike down the mountainside from the back of the cemetery for two more caches...

Chelsea helped by checking out the creek...what remained of it anyway!

She also helped find one in "woody's basement"

The view as we started climbing up the road. We found two more along the Colorado Trail, but we were stymied by the last two along the way. One was in a dispersed camping campsite, and there were folks camping in it...we didn't really want to traipse through someone's campsite looking for a cache! The last one was at the summit of the road, and our truck was simply too big to make it up the final leg. We definitely don't want to get stuck someplace way up there in the boonies, that's for sure!

Beautiful view of Clear Creek Reservoir on the way down.

It's down to our last two weeks here in Colorado...sniff sniff. We are full to the brim for the weekend, and will be very busy. We also have had a bit of excitement, as the larger animals are starting to come back down from the lofty peaks, foraging and getting their winter fat on...we have had a visit in the lower campground from a bear. Just getting into the dumpster, but we still have to keep vigilant about making sure he doesn't become a danger to campers. One of our seasonal campers went jeeping and they saw some beautiful moose just up over the pass from us. And we even saw some juvenile bighorn sheep finally....running away from us, but still....
and so, as the trend in blogging is going, for today, this is...

The End!


  1. WOW, hard to believe you are almost finished in Colorado! We have really enjoyed all the beautiful places you have shared with us. One of my all time favorite animals is Big Horn Sheep. Saw our first on the way to Yellowstone many years ago. Just awesome animal!!

  2. First time I've ever been known as a trend setter. :)

  3. It really is hard to believe you're almost done. It sure has been fun enjoying Colorado through your eyes. Love the last photo :) It might be hard for you to continue the "trend" up in sugar beet country though :)