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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maygar and Don Juan

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the pictures! I haven't taken very many this winter as we've been doing a lot of household work, it felt good to take pictures again. Sherry, the noise from the airboat IS very loud, but everyone is given noise blocking earphones to wear when the boat is going fast. Its not too bad when idling, and Captain Bob would turn off the engine when it was time to just float and talk about what we were seeing. It was very interesting.

Wednesday we had both gone over to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, and worked the panther cart for the day. Al wasn't needed on the boats, so he decided to work with me. He's a natural :-). Of course, anyone who knows him knows he can pretty much talk to anyone about anything :-). I enjoy doing the interpretive carts, and guests of the park seem to be very interested in hearing more about the cats rather than just strolling by and snapping a picture.

This is Don Juan, our 17 year old Florida panther. He is in his own habitat, but had come out to sun himself on top of his shed :-).

This is my pretty girl Maygar, our 10 year old Cougar. During the warmer part of the afternoon she was resting, behind a rock of course, and only her tail could be seen swishing away the flies. As it cooled down she came out to be admired. All of a sudden, a turkey vulture landed in her habitat and had her full attention:

She went into stalk mode:

But eventually the vulture realized he was on thin ice and flew away :-)

Our volunteer time here just flies by....much more interesting and fun than cleaning bath houses :-)! I'm looking forward to doing more time here at the Park next winter.

I also snapped a picture of the sandhill crane and her chick...so cute! We have a pair of sandhill cranes that hang out around the neighborhood as well, but haven't seen any chicks.

That's pretty much it. We worked at Otter Springs over the weekend, beautiful weather once again. I can't believe what a nice winter it has been. We did a lot of leaves, the live oaks are really dropping the old leaves as the new ones are pushing forth. Thankfully, the pollen is not bothering either one of us. Just a little sinus drip, and according to our new doctor that we visited today, our throats and ears seem a little irritated, but nothing serious. Speaking of which, we've been pronounced healthy and ready to proceed with our travels ;-).

Tomorrow, we are all going down to Disney World for the day, to take in the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT. Should be fun, and I'll take pictures :-).


  1. Enjoy the Flower Festival - Hub and I are heading down there next month to see it. Is the hippo still at Homosassa?

  2. WOW great photos ~ The Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT is always a great thing to see.... Been there many times!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Great pictures of the panthers and cranes. Babies of any species are so cute. Wish those panthers could be free to stalk and catch their dinner.


  4. Once again, nice pictures. Florida has so much to offer. We plan to spend next winter there also.

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