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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pizza Was....

Great! I never imagined that pizza would generate so many comments! I'm guessing pizza is a fan favorite out there :-). This week we had used real pizza dough rather than the Pillsbury crust, and it tasted like real pizza, rather than the sort of biscuity-taste of the Pillsbury. We sauteed some onions, scrambled some sweet Italian sausage, and threw a couple of stray bacon slices on for good measure. We watched it very closely, and had a great pizza that was perfectly browned on the bottom this time. The only issue we had was we had trouble stretching out the pizza dough to fit the baking sheet. It kept shrinking down on us. There must be a secret to it.  We will investigate ;-).

Yesterday was transition day. Every Monday we load up the truck and drive down to Sugarmill, and every Thursday we head back up to the campground. We're getting used to the routine now. We did take our time, as it was pouring rain outside for several hours. The springs are looking much better after a solid 24 hours of rain. Much much more is needed though, its been so dry down here for so many months.

The rain had stopped just as we arrived. After unloading the truck, it was time to relax on the lanai for a while and catch up with the family. I then needed some oranges, so we drove down to the fruit and veggie stand before they closed up, and then went for a short exploration to find a new place to walk the dogs. We didn't find a trail, but we headed down West Ozello Trail and ended up in this cute little village and boat launch area.  It was really pretty, and would make a wonderful place to launch the kayaks from for a day of exploring. There's also a seafood restaurant down here, Pecks Old Port Cove, with a beautiful location for water and sunset views that we will have to try out. We figure it must be pretty good to be able to stay in business, as you do have a bit of a drive to get there!

This heron was squawking away, announcing his arrival, so I was able to position the camera ahead of his flight path and capture a picture of him flying.

I heard this mockingbird singing away and had to find him....I did, way up at the top of the tree.

Today, Al goes to the wildlife park to begin "shadowing" as a boat driver. I have errands to do with my mom this afternoon, so I may start my "shadowing" tomorrow, or possibly next week. The rain has finally let up, and it's suppose to get quite warm, maybe even the upper 80's by the weekend. It doesn't look good for log splitting if it's that hot ;-).


  1. When I make up my dough I put a tablespoon of oil in it for every cup of dough mix.It absolutely has to rise for a proper amount of time, I let mine rise 1 hour.Make sure it is covered with a clothe towels so no moisture or vapor escapes. also when kneading it out into the pan have a little flour handy so it doesn't stick. I like the lighter doughs like out east, not quite bread dough. Nothing beats a big square homemade pizza. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Beautiful pictures, Karen. What great shots you were able to capture.
    As far as the pizza is concerned, my mother would always make her own pizza (never store bought). You can get individual pizza dough at Publix supermarket, I believe, in the bakery department or ask where they keep it. You may want to try, the next time you make it, spreading a little oil on the baking sheet before stretching the dough. Should help with the shrinking of it. Good luck and keep those posts coming.

  3. My secret is to work with the dough for a while, let it rest then finish stretching it to the shape I want. I will send you a link to the dough recipe I use if you would like, it has really explicit directions and you can also make the dough and freeze it for use later--I like that feature!

  4. Your photographs are fabulous. I suppose the great camera that took them doesn't have a view finder. But if it does I need to know what it is.

    Pizza is an art in practice we say. There are SO many different kinds of flours for crusts and toppings. I think getting it to spread thinly is just a matter of practice too but what fun you will have practicing. I wonder if I'd get sick of pizza if I ate it every day for a week?? Doubt it!

  5. Even shrinked pizza is good;o))) Let us know if you find the trick!!

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  6. To get to Pecks you drove right past the house of Arthur and Maria Dodge from East Hampton. There is a dog walking group in Sugarmill that meets most mornings about 8 and walks along the small power line at Maytan Court off Linder.