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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces From Kentucky

It's the middle of my "week-end", and  my system got all messed up. We were scheduled to take the trailer up to Shepardsville to have the holding tank replaced. Debbie had called last Friday with the welcome news that Keystone was going to cover the work under warranty. Kudos to them for that, and many thanks to Debbie for her perseverance in discussing the matter with them. We worked the night shift Monday night, so we arrived home at 4AM, slept for a couple of hours, and left the campground at 7:45 AM for the trip up there. We arrived shortly after 9AM, and of course, you do know there's a "but" coming again, right? Keystone had shipped the wrong tank! Oh, arghh. So, we are rescheduled for next Tuesday, provided the tank arrives by then. I was rather frustrated, as I was looking forward to having a working toilet again, especially as its supposed to get cold here over the next few nights. So instead of holing up in a hotel room sleeping while the trailer was worked on, we turned around and drove back to the park and set-up again. Its amazing what the body will do on two hours of sleep if it has too!

Speaking of the park, we have an issue here as well now. With all the rain we've been having, and even more to the north, the rivers are full to overflowing, and the lake has been rising. A lot! A couple of weeks ago the COE released water through the dam to lower the level, but they can't do that again without causing severe damage below the dam. So our water levels are rising here. We've been given a notice about it, telling us the park is monitoring the situation, and we need to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Goody. Less than 3 weeks to go, and we may have to move. Again, oh arghh. Some folks have moved to Heartland RV Park today, but we are going to wait. We are in the highest area, so hopefully it won't come to that.

I was moved back to Receiving last Friday for my work week. We were told that the plants in Tennessee and South Carolina were having difficulty keeping up with shipments, so trucks were diverted here to Campbellsville. They then needed more help in Receiving, so us trainable, flexible camperforce people were asked to help out. Alrighty then! Monday night our department actually broke the record for number of units processed on shift, so we all received a reward at the end of the shift, which was really nice. I received a $5.00 gift certificate to a restaurant downtown. Not too shabby, right? They also treated each shift Sunday night to a chili and baked potato dinner at meal break, and there's been Christmas carolers entertaining us during meal breaks. Nice.

On the New York front, it looks like we may be finally closing on the sale of the house. My lawyer called yesterday with the news that we should be closing Friday morning. Yay! That will be one more thing off the list of things that need attending to. Welcome news indeed.

So, 18 days from now and we will be making tracks for Crystal River for Christmas, and then on to Otter Springs for our first camphost gig. I so have fingers crossed for a nice winter in Florida. The weather there has been good so far! Just two more work weeks to get through ;-). I can do it!


  1. Hang in there! I admire your attitude in all that you are dealing with. I think I would have busted out crying when I found out they sent the wrong holding tank. We wintered in Florida for years, and are now in SE AZ. We're thinking back to Florida next year. You can't beat winters in Florida!

  2. I have to give you a REALLY BIG high 5 for your attitude about all of this. We all know that "it is what it is" and you just can't sweat it but you really do practice that.

    You also have a better attitude than I about the weather or Kentucky hasn't had the lows in the 20's we've had here in Virginia.

    Less than 3 weeks to go and you still seem to be smiling. Good for you!

  3. Seems you're weathering the "storms" very well. My hat is off to you!

  4. You are on the home stretch and it looks like all the issues will be working themselves out. With what you have done so far, 18 days will be a walk in the park;o))

    Keep smiling, it makes everything better!!

  5. OMG, Karen. I can't believe all the "stuff" you guys have been through. Good for you keeping a "stiff upper lip" to say the least. All I can say to you is....AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Look forward to seeing you guys again in Florida this January. Wishing you and Al a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

  6. Oh yeah. Glad we don't have all the same issues YET. The sink that was gouged before we took delivery on 10/1 is still not fixed. Keystone sent the wrong sink! At least they are coming to us while we are parked permanently for now. Good luck with the holding tank!

  7. OMG but....Only 2 weeks left..hang in there...this sure has been one big adventure and not exactly a good one..so here's to you guys for a great Christmas and many new FUN adventures to come in 2012!!
    Beth <3