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Homer, Alaska

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No, We Haven't Disappeared!

Funny thing about going home again...can you really go home again? It's still our house (until the closing anyway), but it doesn't FEEL like our house. Packed up, boxes everywhere. What is amazing to me is the FREE thing; not enough stuff for a yard sale, but some stuff we don't want to take south is too good to simply throw away. So you put it at the end of the driveway with a giant orange FREE sign. And it disappears by the end of the day! Amazing. Well, at least its going to be useful to someone else. Mentally, I'm moving on. I will return for visits as I still have siblings here, but won't be staying in this driveway again. Sad. Moving on.

Keeping pretty busy here. Lots of appointments with doctors, financial people. Our lawyers are friends, more like a visit than business. Have to take care of the closing paperwork as it will take place after we're gone. Al has been busy everyday, seeing friends, ambulance members, fishing, golf. His first sea bass he caught made him realize why fresh water fishing hasn't clicked with him yet! I must get him fly-fishing lessons and a guide while in Colorado. He'll enjoy it much more once he knows what he's doing :-).

Most everything in the house is ready for the movers except for the daily necessities. They come on October 13, and then we all head out together (Al and I, his mom, sister and our friend Patti) on October 14 to go to Virginia Beach. Al has family there that we'll visit until the 19th. Then the ladies head towards Homosassa Florida, while we go over to Campbellsville Kentucky. We start our jobs at Amazon on the 23rd. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, we continue to visit and spend time with family. Wish the weather would clear a bit, seems like its cloudy and raining all the time! Oh well. Good for cleaning. Also taking the time to clean out closets and cabinets here in the Cougar. Too many clothes.

I plan on taking some pictures here of our home area, as soon as the weather clears. It really is a beautiful area, and we will miss being so close to the ocean. But, there's a big country to see out there, and as long as we have the will and the means, we'll keep on traveling!


  1. Glad to hear from you again and know what you are up to. Sounds like things are moving right along with no hitches. That's great!


  2. Your stuff must be better than ours. We had to call the junk man for the washer and dryer. It was so old. We could not even give it away.

  3. Hope the move goes smoothly and you hit the road soon:)

  4. Hope you enjoy your jobs. It is always sad when you leave your home for the last time, but you have so many adventures in your future.