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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

***edited post, I beg forgiveness for leaving out the rest of the sentence at the end, and it has been fixed! ***

I want to wish everyone a very happy Fourth of July, and to thank the men and women of our military that make it possible for us to enjoy the life's freedom that we have!

Cathy is doing better. She has a severe sinus infection causing the fever and lethargy, so she is on medication for that. The spider bite is still healing well. It will be a while before she's top-notch, and unfortunately missed the holiday festivities, but at least she's on the road to recovery. For those who expressed worries about the brown recluse spider, they are not indigenous to this state and may have hitched a ride in their trailer from Texas, where they spent the winter. And we are careful, especially when I am in the woodshed refilling my wood trundle! Thanks to everyone sending their good thoughts!

Last weekend was our cardboard boat regatta here at Waldenwoods. During my lunch break from the store I ran down to the lake front and took some pictures and a video.
The Rotary Club of Hartland was the beneficiary of all monies raised during the regatta.
The Waldenwoods booth. The sales office attends many shows and exhibitions, giving out free camping weekends to prospective buyers of memberships.
There was a bit of clowning around going on down by the lake...this is Alex, who works in activities. I received my "I was hugged by a clown today" patch after getting a big hug :-).
The marina on the lake, where they do boat rentals and canoe lessons. 
These were 3 of the 10 entries into the regatta. They really are all cardboard! I think they did a great job of making boats for this event. These 3 boats were all manned by Waldenwoods employees. The shark boat was rowed by Peter (activities director), Charlie (maintenance) and Brian Crouse (one of the owners of the resort). The pink "Princess Power" boat was rowed by Robin and Libby, 2 of the girls who work in the sales office. And the green "Butterfly Barge was rowed by Joe ( the son of Debbie, one of the sales office ladies and tour guides) and two of his buddies. This was the heat that I video taped.

It was really a lot of fun, and I was surprised at the number of people who came out for the event. I had to go back to work after the race, but I heard that after a final winner was determined, the real fun was when all the boats took to the water and they had to sink each other! It must have been a real show, and I did see Robin after she came back up, and she and Libby won a medal for "Best Sinking"

After that, the rest of last week was getting prepared for this weekend, Fourth of July. The park was filling up fast, and as soon as I get the video uploaded to YouTube, I have a tour of the resort to show you. It was an extremely busy week, and I have no pictures to show you, as I hardly had two minutes to spare between working in the store and stocking it up! Business in the store picked up steadily all week long, and was really rocking by Friday night, when the resort was almost at capacity. There's about 320 campsites here, several rental villas, rental cottages, and two lodges with rooms, and everything was booked :-).

Saturday was the real busy day here. We had activities all day long, a carnival on the beach starting a 4PM, and fireworks at 10PM. The day was SO HOT, it was 96 degrees by mid-afternoon with the heat index over 100. What made things really interesting was a brief power outage in the late afternoon, plunging the entire resort into "boondocking" mode! We manged to persevere through, and the electric company came out within 2 hours and had power restored for the evening festivities. We were so busy in the store that night, and it was all about the ice cream, candy, drinks, and glow bracelets! I've gotten really fast on the cash register now, and Lorraine and Vicky were pro scoopers that night. Chris kept the whole thing moving well, and we never had to keep anyone waiting too long in line. I'm so proud of the job everyone did Saturday night, my crew is awesome!

Sunday was busy as well, and I think today might be steady, but quite a few people will be heading out of the park today and tomorrow. I have a ton of re-stocking to do, so that is on my agenda today...lists and phone calls. Later in the week as it arrives we'll be placing it into inventory, and be ready to go again next weekend, although everyone tells me that things quiet down after this weekend and it's just a nice steady pace, not the craziness of the fourth :-). 

As a parting shot, my baby robins are all gone now. There were three of them, and two left, leaving behind one. I was wondering why the last one didn't fly away with his siblings, and I was actually calling him "the freeloader" because his mama kept coming and feeding him. he sat on the edge of the nest for two days, and it really puzzled me as to why he didn't head out. Then my neighbor Tonda found him dangling upside down by the nest one day. It seems mama robin used some string in building her nest, and it got wrapped around one foot of the baby. He couldn't leave. They managed to get him untangled, and later that day he flew off, so hopefully his leg isn't damaged too badly. But then I felt bad calling him a freeloader! 

And I also have to sadly report that Waldenwoods is now minus one member of the ground squirrel community. Yes, Casey caught a baby who hadn't learned to stay away from the big red dog. I felt really bad, but everyone tells me it's inevitable, and there are plenty more, but I'm still sad for the little guy :-(.

Thursday we are planning on visiting The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Everyone says its a "must-see", so that's our plan this week. It's about an hour's drive from here, and the dogs are going to "Camp Bow Wow" for the day. I should have some interesting things to write about after that :-).

Again, Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Glad she is doing better. Those spiders are all over the south. Our daughter is Ga is always worried about our grandson getting bitten, as he plays in the large backyard all the time.

  2. The cardboard boat races look awesome!. How do they stay afloat without someone falling thru the bottom when it gets wet and soggy? One thing we need to know is what is the thing you have to sadly report? Your sentence justs stops and our curiousity is killing us.

    Happy 4th to you guys

  3. OK, Karen, two paragraphs up you started to write that..."And I also have to sadly report that Waldenwoods"...WHAT???? Am I missing something?
    Anyway, sounds to me like you guys are absolutely "loving" this new life style that you decided to undertake. GOOD FOR YOU. If I had to guess, I would say that you are enjoying your new job a heck of a lot better than your old one. So glad you decided to take the plunge and enjoy what you are doing rather than being stuck in something that you no longer liked.
    Can't wait to see you guys this winter down in Florida and hear your stories in person. Enjoy the Henry Ford Museaum and Greenfield Village. They are great.
    P.S. Your story about the bird was so sad. Hope it (he or she)will be fine

  4. Boy are you guys really busy!! Thanks for all your blogs. I don't know how you find time to do them.

    Happy Fourth of July!!

  5. Wow Karen what a newsy blog. I'm with Nancy, how do you find time to do it?? I am definitely putting the July 4 Regatta on my summer plans list. Cardboard boats. I love it!!

  6. I am loving your blog, all the pictures and stories about places you've been. I intend to keep reading throught the whole thing. I hope you don't mind that I've posted a few of your photos on Pinterest. Just reminders to myself about places I want to go when my husband and I (finally) get to travel more.
    Kay Gouge