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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soon, I promise!

Hi! It's been awhile since I posted, and I know some of you are waiting for my report on our trip up north to Mackinaw. It was a busy three days up there, and then we had a busy weekend of work back here in Waldenwoods. I can really appreciate the work that goes into a daily blog!

We have been having some strong storms rolling through in the last 24 hours, but tomorrow is supposed to be a better day, and a nice weekend is forecast. Today was chores and cleaning day, and tomorrow will be blog updating day! The dogs are getting baths and haircuts, so I will have a nice calm afternoon to post. It will be long and picture intensive, so be warned!

In the meantime, maybe someone more proficient in blogger can help me. I'm having a terrible time trying to comment on other people's blogs. It won't let me sign in and stay signed it, just keeps going in a loop. It won't let me stay signed in on my OWN blog. Just now, I tried to post this, and it wouldn't post...let's see if this one goes through. I found that when I first open my page in blogger, I'm not signed in. I click on the sign in at the top, and it takes me to my dashboard. But when I go back to view my blog, I'm not signed in anymore. My cursor is also freezing up as I write a post, and takes forever to come back up. It's very frustrating and annoying! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow! Here's a preview:


  1. well this post worked!..welcome back to blogville!

  2. Looking forward to the pictures and stories. Albert keep an eye out for an e-mail from Eddie McDermott.

  3. Boy Karen that sounds very frustrating. Blogger drives me crazy sometimes too. It seems to have a mind of its own and acts up for no apparent reason and then goes back to normal. Hope that happens for you. I haven't a clue what's going on. But not having a clue isn't unusual for me. :-)


  4. Got through with this one!! As always... Looking forward to your next post...it IS a lot of work...try not to feel like you HAVE to do it on a tight schedule....once a day is fine LOL!!!! J/K of course...;-)
    <3 Beth & Bill

  5. Lots of people are having issues with blogger. I was, but all seems fine now. There are others that still can't comment! They need to overhaul the program I think. Looking forward to the pics of Mac!

  6. I was having the same problem. I had to clear all my browser history and that solved it.

  7. Most of the commenting problems seem to be related to whether someone set up commenting to be embedded or as a pop up page. (See my post here: http://2totravelphaeton.blogspot.com/2011/05/blogger-commenting-could-this-be-answer.html).

    Of course the steps in my post only help you to ensure that others can comment on your blog, so feel free to share my post with others if you think it will help them.

    Rick also posted some information that might help shed light ...http://rickpaulettervjournal.blogspot.com/2011/06/suggestions-for-blogger-commenting.html

    Another thing you can try ... I downloaded and installed the Google Chrome browser on my Windows-based PC ... have not had problems commenting if I browse to the blogs I follow on Chrome. (I also use Mac computers and no problems on them with Safari.)

    Whether these will help you stay signed in to post on your own blog, I can't say ... but since you wouldn't be kicked out, the chances are it might.

  8. Looking forward to reading your Mackinaw post. Sorry we will miss you this time through. We are arriving in Goshen IN today. We wanted to get there before Howard and Linda left so we could get weighed. I'm sure we'll see you down the road one day :)

  9. I am having all the same problems as you, and more. My email has also been messed up. I can recieve mail, and send mail, but when I try to forward anything, none of the embedded pictures or art will show up. Very frustrating!! I went on some forums and found out that a lot of people are having the same problems, and they think it has something to do with the download Explorer 9. I have tried all the things that are mentioned in your comments, but nothing changed after I deleted all cookies and history. I even uninstalled my antispyware, and down loaded new, and that didn't work either. I give up...:(

  10. Go visit Rick. He's got the answers to your blogger troubles. He had a couple different posts about the issue: