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Homer, Alaska

Friday, April 22, 2011

Travel Day, and No Communications!

Thursday we traveled from COE Bailey's Point, KY to Hocking Hills State Park in Logan Ohio. It was a sunny dry day, a good day for travel, and it was an uneventful drive, which is always a good thing :-).

We arrived at Hocking Hills around 6PM, and I am so impressed with Al's driving/towing skills, it is a 7 mile drive on twisty, hilly roads to get to the campground. One thing I have found out, when people out here say things are "a little hilly", it's a lot hilly to me! Long Island really is flat!

I haven't taken any pictures yet. I'm not as happy with our site this time, it's on a corner and it feels more open to public scrutiny, not as private as we've been fortunate to have in parks like Rainbow Springs and bailey's Point. Overall the campground seems nice enough, but today is raining all day and is not lending itself to any exploration. There are miles of trails leading to caves and waterfalls, so we're hoping the weather will clear enough here and there for some walking! It hasn't been a very nice April anywhere along the east coast.

Since the day is rainy and cold, we headed down to the town of Logan to restock the cupboards, and to find internet. We did find last night that neither ATT or verizon has any kind of service up in the park...zilch bars! Even with the trucker's antenna up. there's no service. There's a payphone at the comfort station in one of the loops, and we used that for a quick call home to tell them we made it and we're fine. That was a frustrating experience, you'd think they would make it easier to use a payphone?? So I am sitting in the truck in WalMart parking lot, while Al is getting a haircut, typing this entry :-). And just to warn all our family, friends and followers, I'm not sure how often we'll get down to town over the next week, so don't get upset if there's a lag between posts! We're fine :-).

We're here until next Thursday, when we leave and travel to Hartland MI and Waldenwoods. This is where we're working for the summer, and we're quite excited at doing something different :-). It's still pretty cold up there, but no snow on the ground anymore, and our manager has said they are turning the water on this week for the first time this spring. Hopefully, spring will hurry up and come for all of us!

Thanks for everyone's great comments, and we'll be in touch soon!Have a Happy Easter!


  1. Enjoy the downtime from being so connected! Although no cell service would likely be a deal breaker for us! lol

    FYI, we have a trucker antenna AND a wireless amp and indoor antenna. So far it's kept us connected everywhere with Sprint. Of course the only place we've needed it has been in Ashdown, Arkansas where we're currently keeping the RV.

  2. I love & appreciate uneventful drives too!

  3. Karen, I definitely agree with your frustration on not having any cell service. Last year on our trip out west, we encountered a few places like that. One day we had to travel a good 20 minutes to get to the top of a mountain in order to hit a cell tower. We must have spent a good hour there between making phone calls and checking our emails.
    Another thing that infuriates me is when you get between mountain ranges or rural areas and your phone call drops. GRRR.....to say the least.
    Wishing you guys a wonderful Easter and best of luck when you arrive at your final destination for the summer. I hope it is all the things you guys are wishing for. Keep up your great blog.