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Homer, Alaska

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Cougar has landed!

Forgive me, Neil Armstrong :-).

The Cougar has made it back home from it's first foray into warranty service land :-). I can honestly say that we are very pleased with Camping World of Lakewood NJ. Their service representatives were very professional, dealt with our problems quickly and efficiently, and had our trailer ready for us within 2 days! Once we decided to have the satellite antennae installed for DirectTV since they had it, that also went quickly. They did an excellent job of installation, neatly wiring it so that wires were hidden. The price was good, and the service friendly, what more can one ask for? I know that it is alot easier to knock a place for bad service, so I really wanted to send a shout out to them for service well rendered!

The weather was terrible here over the weekend, but thankfully not the snowfall they had in the midwest and the great lake region. We had alot of rain on Sunday, which we drove through early Sunday evening to Lakewood. We wanted to go down Sunday night so we could pick the Cougar up early Monday morning, and get back through NYC before the afternoon rush hour. I'm so glad we did that, because if we had left here Monday early a.m., there was a terrible 7 tractor-trailer accident on the GWB that closed it for hours, and also a 6 car accident on the LIE at exit 61!. It would have been an awful trip west through the city, and we would have hit the late afternoon rush on the way home. Now, there's really NO good time to go through NYC, but mid-day seems the best. I WILL NOT miss having to drive through NYC once we leave Long Island :-).

I accomplished a bit of paper organizing, shredding and filing this weekend prior to going to NJ, and Al cleaned out the section of the basement where the oil tank is going to be put, and painted the walls. In Suffolk County, it's now a requirement that your home heating oil tank be removed from underground, and placed either in the basement, garage, or otherwise above ground. They are worried about the tank leaking and oil seeping into the groundwater. So this is one step we need to do before the house can be put on the market. So the area is prepared, and the heating company can come and install the new tank. Check off another step!

Other than that, not too much to report. I would like to ask anyone reading who knows, I wish to put a picture in my "follower" box, but I can't figure out how to size it so that it is not too big? I had also tried to put a picture of my own at the header of my blog like other have done, but it also comes out huge! I sure would appreciate any assistance on that!

Since it's so cold, dark and nasty around here lately, I tried to find a happy sunny picture to leave you with.
How's this? Special note to anyone who can guess where it is :-)!

Have a happy day, everyone!


  1. I'm sorry I can't help with the picture resizing, but wanted to make a guess on your "where is it" picture. It looks just like a photo that I took in Aruba of the Natural Bridge before it collapsed. Aruba is one of my favorite islands :)

  2. I know!, I know!!! Maybe I know cause I was with you.

  3. Gail gets the prize :-). Yes, it's Aruba at the Natural Bridge...before it collapsed! I did feel it shaking, though, when we were walking on it !

  4. Hi, Karen,
    Maybe I can help with the picture resizing. I've been using a software program called IrfanView for many years. It's free and easy to use. You can get it on Cnet or download it form http://www.irfanview.com/
    There's 100's of things you can do with an image but to resize just open the image in IrfanView, click on Image in the menu bar, then resize/resample. You can choose to resize by pixels or a percentage. I use this for all my profile pics & resized pics for the web. Just remember to save the new file under a new name so you always have the original to return to if things don't work out the first time.