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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Petit Manan Point

Before Al had to fly down to Florida two weeks ago, we had taken a short ride to the town of Millbridge, about 30 miles north of here. There was a hike at Petit Manan Point that we thought we would explore. Petit Manan Point is part of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. This Refuge contains more than 55 offshore islands and four coastal parcels, totaling more than 8200 acres of land. The complex spans more than 250 miles of Maine coastline, and includes five National Wildlife Refuges: Cross Island, Seal Island, Franklin Island, Pond Island, and Petit Manan Island, which we saw from the sea during our puffins cruise.

Petit Manan Point is on the mainland, and has two different hiking trails. We chose the Hollingsworth Trail that day, taking us out to the cobble-stoned beach at the point.

We parked at the trailhead and started up the trail. Initially it was pretty open.

As normal, you must watch your feet as the trail is mostly on rock

It's blueberry season!

The trail had some boardwalks over the mushier areas

Part of the boardwalk went through a white cedar swamp. It smelled wonderful through here

We continued picking our way through the rocks, roots and blueberry shrubs

We finally broke out onto the shore!

It was very pretty here, and we sat for a while letting Chelsea rest and enjoying the (relative) solitude. Only a few other people had found there way here...for the crowded conditions here right now, that's not bad!

We watched the offshore fog bank slowly roll its way towards us, and decided to continue down the path along the shore.

The fog bank caused some interesting light conditions along the shore.

I liked how the rocks formed a barrier creating this large tidal pool, and the waves breaking on the other side of the barrier. 

There was a memorial plaque and sitting bench along the shore talking about John Hollingsworth and his love for the area.

The fog creeping in behind us as we trod the rocky shore.

One last look at the shore before we turned back into the forest.

We crossed a small waterfall...

and found the rocky trail and the sun again.

Back to the open heath where the trail started.

We heard a lot of birds singing along the way, and a few deer scattered out of our way. Of course, we are barging through two not-so-quiet pups! We all do enjoy our walks, and would highly recommend it for folks looking for something  away from the maddening August crowds :-). 

Sadly, after that walk, we received the bad news that Al needed to fly home to Florida as quickly as possible, so we swung into emergency preparations. I missed him terribly, but was extremely grateful he was able to make it home in time to say good-bye, and had time to spend with his sisters. 

Since he's been back, we've been very busy at the campground, but have found some time to spend with friends from New York who came to visit us, and with our "road friends" Sherry and David. And those pictures and stories will be the subject of the next post! 


  1. Looks like a really beautiful hike. Thanks for telling us about it. We're adding it to the list. I love NWRs so this will be great for me.

  2. It's been a few years since we visited this place... but your photos make me want to see it all again. John & Karen Hollingsworth have some beautiful photography books out... I think Karen continues the photography after John's passing.

  3. Beautiful hike! Scenery here in Colorado is unbelievable beautiful! So much to see so little time! Less than 5 weeks left. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. I love everyone's photos who are in Maine (or were!) this month. You all bring different perspectives to the state, and hiking trails. Lovely!

  5. Looks like a good hike, thanks for taking us along.

  6. enjoy your green, and salt air. nice, nice photos.
    Box Canyon Mark