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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thanks, and Last Weekend at Otter Springs

First, thanks for all the wonderful comments. I enjoy writing my stories, and enjoy knowing that others like to read about our adventures. So far we are having a great time, and are really looking forward to spending the summer in Colorado. We've only been out west a couple of times, and then for brief weekends, just enough to whet the appetite. We will always be ocean folks, but its good to experience other geographic areas.

Today was our last day of camphosting here at Otter Springs Park and Campground. We have enjoyed our stay here very much, and once again have met some wonderful folks while here. The other workampers have been great, and we enjoyed meeting the few permanent residents here as well. Its a really nice place to spend some time, especially in the winter months when things are quiet and laid back.

Now that the water levels have risen enough to allow passage down the springs run to the Suwanee River, we took a canoe out early one morning for a leisurely paddle. It was very quiet and serene, great for a paddle!

These are the canoes that you can rent from the office.

Headed down the run

Don't you love the vivid greens of early spring?

There are some really big trees up here!

The springs run entering the Suwanee River

I love the knobby cypress knees.

Tall trees dripping with Spanish moss...does it get any more southern than this?

So, tomorrow we pack things up and head down to Homosassa for the next week. We have final items to tie up before heading west. When we were at the Tampa RV show in January, I had won a week's stay at any Carefree Camping Resort. When I checked to see where their campgrounds are, there's one, Turtle Creek, right in Homosassa behind the Wildlife Park. It's very convenient, being only about 15 minute's drive from the house, so we'll be staying there for the week. Free is good! Then its back on the road again a week from tomorrow :-).


  1. What a pretty paddle. We just left Stephen Foster Folk Culture SP along the Suwanee River. It was up and would have been a great paddle if we were staying more than one night ;o((

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  2. Free is definitely good! Enjoy your week! BTW, Bill always thought he was an "ocean" person too, until we spent time out west. Be careful...the west can really get into your blood. : )

  3. Since you'll be at Homosassa RV Resort for a week you can go get some steamed shrimp at "The Freezer" since it's only 5 minutes from your park. We've been at Rock Crusher Canyon all winter and love going to the Freezer.

  4. Your paddle looked wonderful. Congratulations on your win. A free week is terrific.