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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Melissa, Texas and Visiting Family

We have been in Melissa Texas now since Thursday afternoon. Al's sister Susie and her daughter's family moved here last year, and being on the route to Colorado, a stop for a visit was a no-brainer. The ride from Ajax LA
was not very interesting, and the last section around Dallas was downright ugly. I have always hated driving in a lot of traffic, but especially now with a big rig. We had listened to Samantha (GPS) to bring us here, and found out we really should not have, that I should have taken the route I tentatively planned in advance using Streets and Trips. Lesson learned for next time.

We have been enjoying our stay here, and been eating way too much! I had a birthday dinner Thursday at their favorite pizza place, with cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory for dessert...Yum! We went for a walk through historic downtown McKinney, Texas, a pleasant town center with lots of restaurants and cute shops. I found a birthday gift to send back to New York for my niece, and we also bought a game that Al and his sister remembered playing as kids at their grandmother's house...its called "Mille Bournes" and is a card game...has anyone ever heard of it? I hadn't, but guess I'm about to learn!

We also took care of our leaky front tire. Its been leaking about 10 pounds of air each day, so Al wanted to get it looked at. We just put two new front tires on last November in Kentucky, so I was hoping it wasn't anything major! Thank goodness, no, it was a leaking valve stem, and the tire guy replaced the whole thing in about a half hour.

We are closely watching the weather here in Texas. Its not looking very good for today, and especially tonight and tomorrow morning, when we had hoped to continue west to Amarillo. If the storms are coming through, we'll probably wait until Monday to leave. There's no sense in driving in bad weather if you don't have to. Its very gray and dismal right now, but nothing on the radar yet. Hopefully, we'll get our outdoor activities done this morning before anything moves in!


  1. I used to play Mille Bournes in the distant past, but can't remember much about it. :)

    I agree. Stay put until the weather cooperates.

  2. Thinking more about it, is that the games with roadsigns like U turns?

  3. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Pizza and cheesecake sounds like a good birthday dinner to me.

    We gave up trusting the GPS a long time ago after too many ridiculous directions. I always do a google maps and a streets and trips and sometimes a map quest just to see if they agree. NOTHING worse than having the rig in a place you don't want it to be because of bad directions.

  4. Sounds like your having a great start to a new season . Best route take 1 25 and turn off at Colorado springs . Oh will hate amirallo Texas not pretty at all .

  5. Weather should. Be awesome in Colorado . Not a good winter very little snow in the mountains