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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Posting from Mackinaw City

Just wanted to let everyone know we arrived in Mackinaw City yesterday, and spent today on Mackinac Island; and yes, I spelled them differently, and will explain in subsequent postings. I've taken many pictures in the last two days, and am working feverishly to get them organized and ready for the blog. In the meantime, I have these photos I took before we left Waldenwoods.

Here's our campsite with the flags raised high above. Our "happy campers" garden flag out front, and flowers and picnic table set. As mosquito season has started, we have also set up the screen room over the table.

Remember Casey with his ground squirrel?

Can you see how big he's made the hole? And the squirrel still hangs out down there! I've seen him pop out of it, look around, and scoot over to below the bird feeders! If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you may be able to see the expression in his eyes better.

He can now get his entire head and shoulders down into the hole. It's so funny, he's such a character!

Coming soon, our drive up to Mackinaw, our adventures on the island, and Casey's first encounter with horses :-). Have a great day!


  1. did Casey get the squirrel?..or was it the ever elusive one?

  2. I visited Mackinac Island many, many years ago but remember it being wonderful. I'd like to do it again when we're able to get in that area.

    Karen we probably will be fairly close to southern Michigan when we go through Indiana. How far from the border are you? For some reason, I was thinking you were in the northern part.

  3. We too visited Macinac Island years ago. It was a quaint though expensive place as I recall. Great for bicycling. I know you'll have a great time.

  4. Pictures of Casey are so cute. I loved that bridge and would love to see it again.

  5. Love the butt-in-the-air pic! It's a classic and a beaut!