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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, I haven't had too much to write about since our trip to Lake Huron, but thought I might need to post a short update. The last two weekends here were fairly quiet after the frantic pace of memorial day weekend, and the weather was kind of drab as well. It got beastly hot here early last week, up to the mid 90's and very humid. Thunderstorms rolled through Wednesday night and broke the heat, bringing temperatures back down into the 50's! I keep asking people if this is normal for Michigan, and the most common response I get is that if I don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change!

Poor Chelsea had the most excitement this past week, and not of the kind that she would have liked. I noticed Wednesday afternnon that she had a bloody spot on her right hip, and upon close inspection it looked as if one of her fatty cysts may have ruptered. It's happened before, but this time the cyst felt quite hard and large. We drove down to the veterinarian's office about 2 miles from here, to see if I could get an appointment to have her seen, and they had me bring her in right away, and the doctor took a look at it. Something was definitely going on, and they did a needle aspiration to check for infection, which they did find. So she came home with us and was given antibiotics, and an appointment in the morning for surgery...they wanted to get in and see what was there, and clean it out to prevent any further infection and rupture. And they did find a tumor there, and removed the entire thing, cleaned it out, and sent it off for a biopsy. We are optimistic that it will return as benign, like her other cysts have always been that we've had tested, but we sure could use a few extra crossed fingers out there! She is doing fine, though, but seems quite embarrassed at her shaved hip, and is also a bit annoyed that she's not allowed to go swimming until the stitches come out next Monday.

We went grocery shopping yesterday, and as I'm sure many of the women out there can relate to, when Al accompanies me shopping I always seem to end up with more items in the basket that what is on my list :-)! He found a Ghiradelli fudge brownie mix that he had to have, and while I was at work yesterday afternoon he made up a batch. They are fabulous, but now we had more brownies than we could possibly eat, so what were we to do?? Well, I figured maybe Lorraine and Doug hadn't made plans for dinner and would like to come and have hamburgers with us, and brownies for dessert. Lorraine works with me in the store, and Doug is a daytime ranger, and they live next door to us in their Challenger motorhome. They were delighted to come, and gave us an excuse to get our first campfire going since we've been here :-)
This  weekend Lorraine is making some strawberry shortcake that we are going to have as a special in the parkstore for Father's  Day, and we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow, Al and I leave for a three day "weekend" trip to Mackinac Island and Saulte Ste. Marie. I hope to have many pictures and stories to tell upon our return. If I don't get back here before Father's day, everyone have a great one!


  1. Enjoy your three day trip. I'm sure you will have a great time, especially on Mackinac Island. Be careful using your cell phone when you visit Saulte Ste. Marie. When we camped there a few years ago, our computer air card somehow picked up a cell tower across the river (I think it was the St. Mary River) in Canada. We had no idea that this happened until we got that month's bill from Verizon. We were charged $400+ dollars because of the Canadian tower. It took forever to get them to remove the cost. There were many phone calls back and forth to Verizon. I swore, if I ever went back there again, I would unplug my cell phone and computer until I got further away from Canada.
    Have a good time and don't forget to go see the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Enjoy some fudge also. They sell it everywhere.

  2. enjoy your little getaway!!..sorry to hear about the 'pooch problem' but the hair will grow back..our boy, Tucker has two bald spots at the moment and none to pleased with them..so he knows how Chelsea feels!!

  3. Wow so sorry to hear about Chelsea..poor baby....you can be sure all fingers and toes are crossed for her!!!..I'm sure all will be well. My new thing..stay positive as much as possible!!!
    Your up coming trip sounds great..looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures too!! Most of all, enjoy your time off and being together having fun ;)..remember that's why you are out there!!.. besides, you have to have fun..we are living vicariously (sp?) through you and your camera. LOL
    News here..hhm..within the last month or so..through FB there is something called the "Bonac Yard Sale"..LOL, well through it I found for Bill --- a new IPOD to replace the one he can't find (until I can get him the next one "up" for his B'day) and a Kindle!! It's barely used, still had original package literature and charger..also a leather case was included.. the guy (turned out to be a Chief in Amag.! so Bill knew him..small world) that had it got an Ipad for his B'day so he stopped using it!! For the 2 things.....$100.00 total!! Not bad. We also got a 10' long picnic table with 2 benches/w backs to go with it for FREE! Looks great on patio...
    The other news..I started back to work!! About 2 weeks ago at Rite-Aid in Bridgehampton (cashier and helping with stock counts and such). So far so good..the people I work with are really nice and I knew a lot of them anyway from shopping in there. Money pretty good..they pay a "summer" rate and then after Labor Day it drops a bit..but still not bad (more than King Kullen was paying) and raises/benefits!!(yeah) will come along..SO..I'm back to it..but have to keep it to 4-5 hour shifts at a time for now until I find out about the anemia/leg swelling, etc..but need $$/benefits for DR......So glad to be out there again..I've felt so guilty about not making any $$$ to help with everything......Your brother has been great, very supportive of me through whatever it is that's wrong..he keeps telling me not to overdo it..he worries about everyone but himself..he is so sweet (he just doesn't like people to know it ;) LOL)

    Let us know how Chelsea makes out...and have a GREAT time on your trip!! as always..be safe!
    Talk soon....
    Beth & Bill <3 <3

  4. Can't wait to see and read about your trip to Mackinac Island. That is on our "TODOS" list:o))

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog, and certainly hope she gets along alright. Love the campfire. We can't have one where we are, and we miss smelling the smoke from them. Stay safe.

  6. Hope Chelsea has a good report. Mackinac Island and Saulte Ste. Marie are great paces to visit. we stayed at a campground in the SOO that was just south of the locks, on the river, so there was lots to see as the ships went by.